Ten Questions Before You Book That Orlando Vacation Rental Home

Fifty million people visit Central Florida each year, entranced by the fun and enjoyment that the theme parks offer. In addition to the Disney World joys, Universal, Sea World and others have created what can be a dream holiday. Both adults and children are captivated.

One key part of the package is accommodation. The traditional approach is to rent one or more hotel or motel rooms, depending on the family or party size, and that approach works fine for many groups. But over the last twenty years an alternative has emerged that lots of families increasingly prefer.

The area just to the south of Disney World now contains many thousands (yes, thousands!) of condos and single-family homes that are owned by investors and absentee owners and that are available to rent out on a short term basis, just like a hotel or motel. They offer all the home comforts such as kitchens and multiple bathrooms, plus they generally have far more living space than hotel rooms can offer.

Most of the properties are situated within just a few minutes’ drive of the Disney theme parks. There is an enormous variety of property styles and sizes, ranging from two bedroom condos to six bedroom single family homes or even larger. Some communities include additional facilities such as a movie theater, a club house and a gym for those moments when Mickey isn’t capturing your attention.

The vacation rental industry has grown in popularity so much that few families want to return to the restrictions of a hotel once they’ve sampled the extra freedom and flexibility. But like any purchase, there are hidden aspects to think about.

Helped by the communication tools of the Internet, a lot of owners and almost all of the vacation rental companies have built clever and convincing web sites with photos and summaries of why you should book with them. But they are in business to make money and you should be very clear about all the terms and conditions before you buy. For example, you should ask:

* How many nights is the minimum I can book?

* Do you require a deposit to confirm a booking and if so, how much?

* When is the balance of payment due?

* What happens if I need to cancel a booking I’ve made?

* Does the rate you’ve quoted include everything – there are no extras are there?

* Will I be staying in the property that I’ve seen online?

* What is check in time on the day of arrival?

* What time must I leave on the final day of my vacation?

* Do you accept credit cards and if so, which ones?

* Some companies require a security deposit in case of damage to the property – do you?

The best advice anyone can give is to make sure you understand the full terms and conditions before you sign up.

Learn the things you need to know before choosing your Orlando vacation package from a professional who owned and ran an Orlando vacation home rental company.
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