Achieve Greater Home Security With These Home Improvements

There are a number of home improvement projects which can also improve your home security. Phoenix home security specialists suggest a few of the following home improvements projects for homeowners who are also interested in bolstering their home security.

Lock Systems
If you have older locks that are not high quality, it is time to update them with grade 1 deadbolt locks. Phoenix security authorities point out that they are proven to be able to sustain more damage and work through a greater number of open/close cycles than other locks. You can choose between cylindrical and mortise deadbolt locks.

Cylindrical locks – Less expensive and easy to install. Come in a wide range of designs.
Mortise locks – More expensive and must be installed by experienced professionals. Also come in a wide range of designs but offer more decorative and ornate styles as well as more durability.

Entry Systems
The front door is often the main point of entry for burglars. Along with upgrading locks, Phoenix security professionals state that you can update your entire door. Hollow core and solid wood doors can become unattractive and less efficient with age. Three high-performance doors that Phoenix security authorities suggest are metal, fiberglass, and uPVC. They are all more expensive options (and each have different care, maintenance, and installation requirements) but they offer much greater security than solid wood or hollow cardboard core doors.

Metal doors – Must be installed with metal frames. Are nearly impossible to pry open. Are prone to warp or rust, so must be cared for properly.
uPVC doors – Must be installed with special frames and lock systems. Are a durable and insulative material (uPVC is also used for windows and siding).
Fiberglass doors – Are also an incredibly insulative doors because of the fiberglass material. Are well known for being resistant to all kinds of problems including scratching, denting, peeling, warping, rusting, and molding.

Outside of the home you can also make some improvements that can add to your home’s security. When burglars strike at night they do not want to be seen because they do not want anyone to be able to be identify them. Homes with an abundance of exterior light are robbed less than other homes, according to Phoenix home security authorities. Therefore, adding garden lighting is a way to add to your home security. Porch lights are also a great idea. Along with this, doing things like placing thorny rose bushes by windows makes it difficult for burglars to try and sneak in through windows.

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