Top Reasons Everyone Should Consider A Home Security System

Burglaries and thefts are most likely to occur while homeowners are away from the home, evidence shows smaller families, couples, and single homeowners that spend a great deal of time outside the home are most at risk for these break ins. There is no reason the average home owner should spend time spent away from home for vacations, business trips, or quick jaunts to the store worrying over home security and the state of their most valuable possessions. With recent advances in technology and the often affordable cost of installing home security systems, the task of protecting what is most valuable to the average homeowner has never been better.

For most homeowners, simple security measures like motion sensing lights, well maintained yards, and working locks on all entry points should suffice to dissuade the average thief. But normal security systems like simple locks, deadbolts on exterior doors, locks on garage doors and windows, may not be sufficient for homes secluded from neighbors or in neighborhoods where such devices present little to no protection from thieves. In these instances, installing security systems that include CCTV video cameras and other alarm systems (colloquially referred to as burglar alarms) may help diminish the possibility that a home is targeted for burglary, evidence shows that homes with a variety of advanced security systems or burglar alarms working in conjunction with standard theft prevention methods (like installing deadbolts on exterior doors) greatly reduce the possibility of a home being burglarized.

The most popular advanced home security options available include installing security systems that utilize closed circuit television (CCTV) video cameras along with other alarm systems that are wired directly to a homes entry points (including standard doors, garage doors, windows, etc.) to prevent break ins. The presence of CCTV video cameras (whether actually attached or routed to a recording device) have been shown to greatly reduce the inclination of thieves to burglarize a home. The presence of video cameras is a great deterrent to thieves looking for an easy mark.

These systems are moderately difficult to install on ones own, but not impossible (there are certain companies that will install and maintain these video cameras, see below).

There are also companies that will offer home security monitoring systems for a monthly fee. The most popular home security companies include ADT, GE Security, and Brinks Security. These services work by providing home security subscribers with a number of alarm systems that will trigger when a burglar attempts to break into a secured zone within the home. What separates these security systems from your standard burglar alarms are that the alarms not only sounded at the home location but at the security providers central office, where a clerk then notifies local authorities of the break in and phones the home owner to assure that their safety at the location is secured. These services also offer video cameras and other services including fire and health monitoring.

When a home owner is looking for peace of mind, there is no better way to achieve this than by installing advanced alarm systems like video cameras or “burglar alarms.”

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