Multi Purpose Home Security Alarms

Don’t let the name fool you: home alarm systems aren’t just for the house. These alarms are for anywhere that would benefit from a little extra protection. Door and window alarms can be used to improve security in many different kinds of places in addition to houses. Consider the following four spaces that would benefit from the installation of door and window alarms:

Businesses. Though large chain stores employ high-tech security monitoring systems and may have security officers on-site, smaller businesses may benefit from the simple security alarms sold for home use. Businesses without such security measures easily become the target of thieves looking for something valuable to steal. Whether you are trying to protect a retail store or an office, don’t overlook the value of installing alarms. Thieves target a surprising array of businesses: not just those with valuable inventory, such as jewelry or electronics stores, but even seemingly safe places like doctors’ offices, where the patient information can be sold to identity thieves. No matter what kind of business you run, take adequate steps to protect it.

Apartments. Far too many apartment-dwellers assume that they can’t benefit from home security alarms because they’ll be moving in a few months or years. Others think that living in close proximity to many other people will protect them from harm. Neither of these is true. A criminal won’t avoid apartments just because they are close to other people; studies have shown that most neighbors won’t come to your aid after hearing a single window breaking. Plus, you never know what kinds of unsavory characters your neighbors might invite over, giving you good reason to protect your property. Wireless door and window alarms can be taken with you when you move, making them an ideal choice in this situation.

Dorm rooms. Like apartment-dwellers, many college students assume that living near a lot of people will protect them. Many even leave the door to their dorm room unlocked. Opportunistic thieves know that most dorm rooms contain laptops, gaming systems, iPods, cell phones, cash, and any number of other valuables. Even if access is restricted to the dorm building itself, often the perpetrators of such crimes are other students. If you have a son or daughter living on the campus of a university, evaluate their safety and look into security measures such as window and door alarms to give you peace of mind and keep your child safe.

Finally, the obvious: installing alarms on the doors and windows of your house. Not only is this where your family sleeps at night, but criminals know that many homes contain jewelry, HDTVs, gaming consoles, and plenty of other valuable possessions. Whether they are only after your belongings, or things turn violent once they are inside, why take the risk? Door and window alarms on every entrance, even those around the back of the home and on the second story, will go a long ways towards making sure this never happens to you and your loved ones.

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