SimCams Wireless Alarm System

The GSM alarm system protects your home or your office from intruders when you’re not around. It’s absolutely necessary to protect your premises when no one’s around so you can at least trace the culprit. And, intruders are generally intimidated by the presence of a GSM system in the area. You have access to your property even when you’re away with the right GSM alarm system, especially if you choose SimCam.

SimCam is a top-rated alert and security camera that captures movement in the area, thanks to its built-in infrared detector. You can monitor this movement through your own mobile phone. Any unauthorized entry will be detected by the SimCam wireless sensors. A SimCam mechanism will then alert your mobile phone through a call, SMS, or MMS for any accidental fall, smoke, or unauthorized entry. You can also view the camera images in your e-mail. SimCam can penetrate total darkness, so you can keep an eye on your loved ones – especially defenceless children – while they sleep. SimCam is a good GSM system on its own but it’s even better if it’s used to complement smoke detectors, door and window sensors, and other disturbance sensors. You can even install it in your vehicles.

Starters can try the SimCam basic package first. The basic package includes 1 pc. SimCam unit, 2 pcs. remote key fobs, 1 pc. mains lead, a manual, set-up instructions, and a full back up hotline. The basic package costs 169.00. No complicated installation process is required. Moreover, there are no wires involved. You can even adjust the image settings such as brightness, contrast, clarity, size, and lens direction through a mobile phone. The unit is powered by re-chargeable batteries. You can also go all the way and buy a full package and a car package. Or, you can buy their parts individually. Going for their GSM alarm system package is cheaper and better because everything is in a complete set already.

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GSM alarm system

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