Home Security Changes of the Past 50 Years

Your older relatives may fondly remember that decades ago, home security meant nothing more than locking the door when you left. In fact, you yourself may even remember leaving your doors unlocked in the quiet suburban neighborhood where you grew up. Though in the not-too-distant past this was very common, times have certainly changed. Gone are the days of playing on tree-lined streets without worrying about a child abduction, or leaving the front door wide open without fearing a burglary.

The “good old days” are gone forever, and with them the ability to ignore home security. Whether you live in an urban apartment, in an idyllic suburban neighborhood, or even on a rural farm, you must take steps to protect the security of your home and your family. Today, this goes way beyond the lock on your front door. It is no longer enough to just lock your door when you leave the home. In fact, you should be considering the security of your home, not to mention your personal security, every day. Make home security the top priority in your busy lifestyle – the consequences for not paying attention to your security can be devastating.

Luckily, even in the modern and dangerous world, there are steps you can take to protect your family. Use the many technological innovations in home security, from surveillance cameras to wireless alarms, to watch over your home. Security-minded homeowners undoubtedly realize that the ways they protected their homes decades ago will no longer suffice. However, technology has certainly kept up with this need, providing ways to protect your home and your family.

An astounding array of home security gadgets has replaced the method of locking your front door and relying on Fido to act as a guard dog. On the other hand, you don’t need to get eye and fingerprint scanners, or other high-tech security methods, to keep your family safe. Still, wireless, electronic, and password-protected gadgets in a variety of styles protect your home and your family in high-tech ways.

You may be thinking that these high-tech gadgets come with a high pricetag, but this doesn’t have to be so. Even with increasing attention on home security over the past few decades, outfitting your home with the latest devices can be done on almost any budget. A few wireless door and window alarms, for example, go a long way towards protecting your home. So, too, would a canister of pepper spray or a stun gun. If you’re looking to make your dollar go further when planning your home security purchases, rest assured that today you can find advanced home security methods that go way beyond the type of home security that was common decades ago.

Just because today’s lifestyle is faster-paced doesn’t mean that you can’t rely on your neighbors. In fact, today it is more important than ever to get to know those in your neighborhood. A neighborhood watch program is a great way to band together to watch out for each other’s property. In an urban setting, such as a secured apartment buildings, residents should look out for each other by refusing to let people inside who they don’t know.

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