7 Best Selling Security Cameras

Security cameras are used for the surveillance of home, office, malls, schools, or any place, which requires security. Security cameras can work as a deterrent device. Most of the times, burglars avoid going to a place, which has security camera installed. Security camera systems are must to provide safety to the important places like banks, military areas, gas stations etc.

Security camera systems can also be helpful for small business owners to keep a watch on their inventory. Places like jewelry shop or other places, where valuable items are kept, dual security is required, as the shop owner has to keep a close watch on employees as well as the customers. Security is one of the primary concerns for house owners. Since past few years the crime has increased a lot. It is very difficult for anyone to present at home all the time. Getting a home security camera installed is a good way to provide safety to your home and family. Home security cameras should be installed on the main entrance of the home, or you can hide these cameras in trees or windows etc. Security cameras can also be useful in office or business to keep a watch on a suspicious employee.

Security cameras come in color as well as black and white. Black and white cameras are little cheaper than the color cameras. The different types of cameras depend on the type of application (indoor or outdoor) it is used for. The different types of security cameras are:

* Dome security cameras – Dome cameras are encased in a dome shaped unit and can be easily fitted on walls, corners, or inside fancy lights.

* Bullet security cameras – Bullet security cameras look like a bullet and can be used for both outdoor as well as indoor applications.

* Night vision security cameras – These cameras are used to capture the video in dark areas.

* Hidden cameras – Hidden cameras are used, when you do not want to inform others about the presence of camera. You can hide these cameras anywhere in a toy, book, or any other place which requires monitoring.

* Motion sensor cameras – These cameras have motion detection sensor, which allows the camera to activate the recording, when it finds some activity.

* Infrared cameras – Infrared cameras are used for the surveillance of places with no light area.

* Remote security cameras – These cameras can be accessed from a distant location. These cameras can be of great help to keep an eye on your home or office in your absence.

* Wireless security cameras – Wireless cameras work on batteries and very convenient to use as they do not have any cables.

There are dummy or fake cameras also available in the market. Dummy security cameras look like real security camera only. Fake cameras can not record anything. Dummy cameras are very cheap and you can get a dummy camera which is half of the cost of a real camera.

There are so many different security cameras available in the market that it can be a tedious task to find a camera that suits your needs. But a little survey and efforts can get you a good deal. So secure your home, office, or business by setting up a security camera system.

Steve Strong’s is an employee with Sun Security a leading supplier of Dome Security Cameras . Visit us at: http://www.sunsecurity.com
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