Wireless LED Lights for home security purposes

With the recent increase in household related crime the use of outdoor and security lighting has become a vital deterrent to ward off burglars. Wireless LED lights are at the forefront of combating burglaries as, when used in conjunction with other security devices such as outdoor sensor beams, they make your property seem too risky for most burglars to attempt to gain access to.
Placement of LED outdoor lighting is import and you should try and place these lights in areas where access to your house is likely to occur. Burglars don’t like to operate in conditions where they are likely to be seen. Research has shown that houses that have adequate amounts of outdoor lighting are less likely to be burgled than houses shrouded in darkness.
LED lights have many advantages over traditional lighting arrays as they consume far less power. Power consumption is often thirty times lower than their traditional filament counterparts and there the duty cycle from LED wireless lights is far higher than the traditional light bulb.
Another advantage that these wireless LED battery operated lights have, is that they are battery operated which means you can place them in strategic locations for night time security, but also move them around the garden when entertaining guests in the evening. You can also purchase them with a small solar panel and internal lithium ion battery so that they charge up in the daytime and turn on automatically at night. We would not recommend doing so in countries that have less than seven hours of sunlight per day though, as you don’t want to be caught out in the middle of the night with no lighting.
Some versions of these wireless LED lights come fitted with an infrared movement sensor which turns the light on when movement is detected. Although the additional equipment of the infrared sensor uses more battery power when activated, in sleep mode, these outdoor lights are very efficient. These are less of a deterrent to criminals however, unless they are easily visible from the street. The idea around personal home security is to layer your house with multiple defences, outdoor lights, fences, security gates, burglar bars and possibly even outdoor infrared beams connected to a monitored alarm system. If a burglar sees all these security measures installed on your property, they are likely to pick a house that is less risky.
Due to their low cost, low maintenance and high efficiency, many cities are beginning to opt for LED street lights. Although these are not portable and are generally not battery powered, they offer the same advantages as the wireless LED light.
In closing, take your time picking your outdoor LED lights and ensure that they have a waterproof, sturdy casing so that they are protected from the elements when outdoors.

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