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Why do you want lighting control in your home anyway? What are the advantages?

Start out with the idea of home security. You can use home automation software to control the lights, sure, but what does that have to do with security? Simply put, automated lighting control is the best way to make it seem you are there when you are gone. (That, and making sure to have letter delivery temporarily suspended.) Don’t let a thief or home invader know that no one’s there! Have those lights go on and off in natural patterns no matter how long you’re out of town.

Use home automation software to bring together a variety of home automation devices and system. It’s not lighting control alone! Instead of looking only at lighting, what about HVAC as well? Think of the money to be saved when you automate your heating system. How often do you leave the house only to realize you forgot to turn down the heat? How frustrating to think of the money you’ve blown. At the same time, you can come home to a comfortably warm house even on the coldest nights, because automation turned the heat on a little before you arrived.

A single automation system can unite heating and air conditioning together with lighting control. It’s all there at your control! And that’s not the entirety of it either. What about music? Home audio can be part of the same system.

Home automation adds enormously to the resale value of your home. In today’s economy, with the real estate market in such turmoil, adding to your home’s value is something every homeowner cares deeply about.

Did you ever enjoy science fiction as a youngster? If so, then you read about fully automated buildings. Home automation seems futuristic and therefore exciting, and that’s one major reason that it is so appealing to the home-buying public. Everyone wishes to imagine they’re in the home of the future!

Your next step is to select a vendor/installer for your home automation system. Make sure they know their Z-waves from their structured wiring! Not just anyone should be tromping through your home making these decisions. Be sure to get references and check them thoroughly.

You’re going to love home automation! Go ahead, find the installer, learn how to work it (easy!) and see for yourself.

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