Back-to-School Safety Tips from Palmetto Security, a Honeywell Dealer in South Carolina

As the new school year begins, parents start thinking about how to teach their children good safety habits. Safety does not come naturally to children; it must be constantly reinforced with education and by setting a good example. You can help to protect your child whether in school or traveling between school and home by imparting a few important principles. If you work, consider installing a security system from a Honeywell dealer. These function much like a business security system and can help protect your child when you are not at home.

Safety in Numbers
When walking to school, try to arrange for your child to walk with other kids. Teach your child to stay on a pre-planned route both to and from school, and have your child return home directly after school or school-related activities.

Stay Alert
Teach children to walk only on sidewalks, to stop at curbs, to look both ways before crossing a street and to obey traffic signals. Encourage them to stay alert and aware when walking. Discourage wearing headphones or texting while walking. Teach them about using crosswalks and traffic buttons appropriately on their way to school. Parents, too, must be particularly careful when driving in school zones and in drop-off zones. Children can be unpredictable, so always be prepared to stop.

School Bus Safety
Teach your child to stay on the curb when waiting for the bus. Make them understand that the bus driver’s visibility is different from their position on the ground. They should avoid bending to tie shoes behind the bus or in areas where they cannot be seen. Teach children to respect the bus driver, and let them know how dangerous it is to distract the driver while the bus is moving.

At School
Ensure that your child knows they must stay on school grounds at all times. If they must leave the grounds, they should inform an adult in authority. Make them understand the importance of following all safety rules at school. Tell them to report any suspicious or unsafe activities to their teacher or principal.

Don’t Talk to Strangers
Teach your children to avoid contact with strangers while walking to school or waiting for a school bus. Try to avoid scaring children unnecessarily, but make sure they understand that not all people are good people and that they must always be alert to unusual behavior.

Home Security After School
If you work and are not at home when your children return from school each day, teach them to lock doors after they arrive. Have them call you when they get home from school, and let them know it’s never ok to open the doors for strangers. Explain why they should not tell any stranger they are alone at home. Provide the number of an alternate adult they can call in case of trouble. Make sure they know how to call 9-1-1 for emergencies, and finally, consider installing a home alarm system. These units operate much like business security systems that allow you to turn them off and on with a simple code. In Hilton Head, South Carolina, contact Palmetto Security, a Honeywell dealer, to discuss your home security needs.

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