Innovations in Security Services and Technology

Most security businesses provide unarmed security officers to help with crowd control at events or watch for shoplifters at a local mall. Many of these guards only have minimum training and are unprepared for a large crisis. But the security business is changing, companies are professionalizing and adding tools that rival those available to local police departments and sheriff’s offices. These improvements are offering stellar protection that was unheard of a decade earlier. Some of those tools include:

* Segways: Kevin James made this two-wheeled device popular in the movie “Mall Cop.” These vehicles allow security officers to move around with ease and if there is a crisis, they can get their faster and move more fluently through crowds. Segways are also good for the environment. They run on electricity (the vehicles can hold a charge for up to eight hours) so they don’t emit gases into the air. Good for indoor and outdoor use, the vehicles are so popular that many police departments are using them as well.

* Surveillance systems from the sky: These mobile units can elevate two stories above and monitor activity on sites that may not have electricity. The units are installed with closed circuit cameras that monitor on scene and if needed, an armed security guard. These units are excellent for businesses that have experienced a break-in but lack the infrastructure to monitor the area on their own. Since the cameras are constantly recording, if there is a burglary, the perpetrator is likely caught on tape.

* Mobile command center: These large camper-like vehicles are crucial when overseeing large events or emergencies. The vehicles are equipped with communication equipment such as two-way radios, phones and computers. During public safety events, the vehicle can turn into a kid’s fingerprinting center. Very few security companies utilize these in the United States and only one company in Arizona has a mobile command center.

Along with the new tools for security companies, security officers are receiving more training and are better prepared for a crisis. Some businesses decided there was a need for armed security guards after the September 11 attacks. The leading security companies require thorough background checks on these employees. Those checks include psychological testing to make sure the security officer is mentally capable of handling the responsibility of a firearm and weapons training.

The need for trained security officers is only expected to increase. In dismal economies, crime often rises and more burglaries and thefts are reported. In recent months, security officers have been hired in a number of unusual places. According to a report on, food banks in Seattle have hired security officers to control crowds at a local food bank. Longer lines and an increased demand have caused tensions to rise.
Whether you need security officers for your business or for a special event, find out what they offer. Does the company have innovative tools such as Segways or a mobile command center? What kind of training do the officers receive? Are armed officers available if needed? Find a company that can meet all of your needs when considering how to protect your home or business.

Allie Gilliland graduated from the University of Arizona in 2008 with a degree in Journalism. She enjoys motivational speaking and spending time with her family. Allie had been the Business Development Manager at Anderson Security since 2008. Security Officers Phoenix
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