What Is The Best Home Video Surveillance System To Buy?

According to statistics 75% of all crimes were property crimes, and because of that people will spend over $ 21 billion in home security by 2010. Home video surveillance is a part of this estimation. It works well if you use the correct camera and you install it properly. I will explain which camera you should choose and why.

Before you purchase your home video surveillance you need to establish lighting, the monitored area size, amount of cameras, monitors you will be using, and how much room you have for the equipment. Once these requirements are establish, you will be better equipped to choose the correct camera.

This determines the size of the lens. Next decide how many cameras and monitors you will use. You will need switches if you want to use more than one camera. This allows the monitors to switch surveillance from one camera to the other. Lastly consider the space you are working with.

Day night cameras are used if your monitored area is lit up by street lights or the moon. Mini and bullet cameras are small easy to hide camera, that take great pictures, despite their size. Dome cameras are inside cameras, usually protected by an armored covering. Digital camera can store pictures without a VCR and can be computer edited.

Security cameras can be either hard wired and wireless. Wireless security cameras send signals to the monitor, hard wired has to use coax cables to send a signal. The monitor will then send the footage to either a DVR or VCR to be recorded.

Home security software allows the camera to send the signals to a web site. This is done though the use if LAN adapters or wireless network. This software gives you the freedom to monitor your home from any location. This web company will also monitor your home notifying you through email or phone if something does occur. They will save the pictures for you to review later.

Home video surveillance and home security camera software were originally intended for business including government, banks and stores. Crime rate skyrocketed, nearly doubled in 5 years. Many decided it was time to install cameras in their homes. There are several types to choose from. All designed for specific purposes.

Some cameras come equipped with motion detectors that send signals to the camera to turn it on when something is occurring. Others are designed for a specific type of light. Which ever one you choose, maker sure it is in a place that is hardest to monitor.

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