Is a Certificate for Having Home Burglar Alarm Important?

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more particular about the security of their surroundings. The world nowadays is becoming smaller, and it is also becoming more dangerous to live in. With the rising crime rate, it’s only natural for them to want to ensure that their families, businesses and other confidential information and belongings are protected from unauthorized persons and intruders.

One of the common and effective solutions is investing in a Home Burglar Alarm system in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. But not all home burglar alarm systems are of the same standard. There are some who pretend to be experts in burglar alarm systems but are offering substandard, if not, fake equipment to make money and fool people. That is why one should check the Certificate for Having Home Burglar Alarm. In this way, one can assure himself that he/she has a professional quality home security system.

Remember to buy only what’s accredited. The system should be registered by FARS before it is put into use this is done for the safety of your family and your home. This is also to regulate the alarms in the neighborhood since they have a certain noise level limit as well as rules against false alarms.

With a properly accredited alarm, the government will be sure that only security systems that pass the standards they have set will be used in homes. If the home burglar alarm system that you have just installed doesn’t have their accreditation, it might mean that have not passed their standards. This might do more harm than good for the owner.

Before you purchase a home security system, you must check it for the following important accreditations. If they do not have this, you should get another one. This will save you lots of money and worry. These are:

1. NSI – The National Security Inspectorate 2. ICON – This is an approval scheme that is run by the National Security Inspectorate, or the NSI 3. NACOSS – The National Approval Council for Security Systems 4. SSAIB – Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board

Of course, there will be fees for your certificate for having home burglar alarm. This would amount to $ 30.00 and is non-refundable. If you have more than one alarm user and/or location, you should get a separate registration for it and pay the corresponding fees. This shall be renewed every 2 years, with a cost of $ 10.00 per renewal. If one fails to renew the certificate for having home burglar alarm during the required renewal period, he/she will pay a penalty of $ 100 per false alarm as well as they will receive no free false alarms.

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