Advantages and trends of home security monitoring

The core devices to achieve intelligent home is a smart home controller.Because of the smart home controller also no uniform standard,so the current smart home controller has many different names,such as family controllers, terminals and other domestic intelligence . Regardless of the name , and its essence is the family through various bus technology and information related communications equipment,household appliances and home security devices connected to a home automation system for centralized or remote monitoring, control and family transaction management, and maintaining family harmony these facilities and residential environment , the general smart home controller provides three major functions:home security monitoring, information services and intelligent appliances exclusion of control.A safe and comfortable home environment is the basic premise of achieving intelligent home and fundamental security, home security monitoring is therefore a fundamental feature of smart home controller. A comprehensive security monitoring system by the monitoring center smart home controllers, detection sensors and community sector departments. Home security monitoring system to achieve burglar alarm, fire alarm , gas leak alarms and emergency alarm functions.These features rely mainly on detection sensors installed in residential and residential around the perimeter of the internal signal acquisition.Discrimination by the intelligent smart home controller,if unusual circumstances,the audible alarm , but the alarm signal is transmitted to the control center via the cell network.
For a long period of time, the need for high-definition home security are the focus of controversy . When only a few people are beginning to recognize the concept of civilian control,cost control systems and high-definition monitor higher cost indeed difficult to accept for many users . However, with the home HD network camera has gradually opened up a field of their own,these traditional attitudes are changing.Today´╝îprofessional home security equipment has matured , and in function, combined with the many features of the home environment will be monitored as the device is no longer the only job . Of course, the non-unique applications of surveillance does not mean the absence of monitoring requirements , and vice versa to monitor this demand -based alarm monitoring more firmly positioned as basic needs. In addition, with the growing wealth of home monitoring device functions , from case detection to everyday communication, home monitoring have become an increasingly integral part of the carrier. Thus , the role of home monitoring has not only limited to “see criminal conduct” demand, while HD is destined to become a necessity. The past two years , the mobile phone industry is already competitive mobile communications technology will bring a new peak. From smart home to burglar alarms, video surveillance and even if you can not , and mobile terminal echo each other , it seems that all seem to keep up with the trend. In fact, for home security devices, mobile technology has become a very interesting spectacle. Vehicle location from the original SIM card , then the phone number of home alarm device alarm . Too many features have been bound phone, which also reflects today’s home security from simple theft prevention initiative gradually trend . Of course, for the current alarm for mobile terminals , although the popularity of the not too low. But always with the use of a variety of restrictions on various charges and instability also a test of the user’s patience.
In addition to the performance and appearance characteristics of the monitoring device can be valued more users. With the advent of dedicated home security equipment , we look for a home security device features also made more demands , the integration of the equipment and the family environment has become valued by many users . With the professional upgrading , shape security monitoring equipment is also getting huge . And how to treat their possession more subtle but also to the actual performance of the device. This is also for the increasingly large equipment in the limited family environment, how to find a better environment concealed important issue , only solve the problem of hidden , to make monitoring equipment to play a greater effect. There is also the coordination of the design for the environment , and now we have been more inclined to coordinate placement of facilities for all the family requested a family environment . For home security monitoring equipment such a need to ” see clearly ” have to ” hide ” the device , it really is not a small scholarship . Morphological diversification home monitoring and control equipment , compact structure and shape of the future will be the main attraction . Of course, with all the individual pursuit and family patterns of diversification, future devices may also be customized to become heavy head concept home applications . Has been marginalized civilian monitoring equipment related to the level of technology also makes certain lack of norms and constraints. Moreover, in the entire field specifications are not sound , we will have even more difficulty for the requirements of the civilian sector. However, with the increasingly widespread civilian market , similar to the process and quality issues are also of concern to more users. So , in the end how the quality of these monitoring devices , will also become an important factor to consider.

Civilian control is rapidly penetrate into more and more areas,whether it is smart city,intelligent transportation projects or school,family and individual businesses in areas such as the demand for civil security is increasingly intense.
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