Best Home Security Add-on’s

Today many alarm companies or homebuilders are providing the basic installation for home security systems. This basic package normally includes coverage for doors and windows with one keypad. There are several features that many homeowners end up adding to this basic package to help “beef up” their security alarm system. One such feature is a cellular phone module. A cellular module or cell unit allows a security system to communicate with the monitoring center without the need of a landline. This is important because if the telephone goes down or if someone cuts the line the security system will still communicate with the monitoring station.

Many homeowners are also adding additional keypads to there alarm systems. By adding an extra keypad at a second door like a garage entry door or back door customer are able set or disarm their system or use a panic button at a second point in the house.

Another highly used add-on is a monitored smoke detector. A smoke detector hooked to your alarm system picks up rapid changes in temperature and contacts the monitoring station with in turn dispatches the fire and medical departments. Many home builders now prewire for smoke detectors but these smokes are not tied into the monitored security system.

Today the biggest add-on feature is the key fob or key chain remote. The remote can give a customer the convenience of arming and disarming an alarm with the push of a button. The selling feature for many customers is the fact that a panic button is alway accessible and often people will keep these remotes on their nightstand as to have a much high level of security at night.

Many companies also offer a free warranty for a certain number of days to cover the installation of their equipment. Just like any other electric device they can break or just quit working for many reasons if extended warranty is offered by a company many times this warranty will pay for itself as services and the latest state of the art alarm equipment can be very costly to repair or replace.

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