Why Should You Buy a Dog Kennel

Dogs by nature are animals that get a safe feeling in a den, much like their cousins the wolves. If you can introduce your dog to the plastic or wire kennel correctly, it provides a feeling of security and becomes a refuge. Many times your dog will be in need of some peace and quiet, or to just get away from the busy activities in your home.

For this reason, kennels can be a great tool for house training. An appropriately-sized kennel will be a huge aid toward this effort as usually a puppy will not soil the place where they must lay. Kennels will help a puppy control his or her bladder as they must hold urination until they are let out at certain times of the day. In the first three days you have your puppy or dog, he should be confined to the kennel only and let out at planned times to go outside and urinate. After eating and a brief playtime your dog should be kenneled again to assure they don’t wander off and urinate somewhere in your home. One hour after eating, take your dog outside and repeat the command to go potty. This method of kennel training is the best way to house train your pet.

A kennel is also good for protecting your home. Puppies or grown dogs tend to get curious and wander in your home most times finding something to chew on that they shouldn’t. Since dogs have a natural love of a den type situation, they will love to go to thier kennel to rest or to just chill out for a while. A puppy espeically should be confined to a small area or kennel until they are fully house trained. Make sure they have toys or chew bones to keep them occupied in their kennel.

Kennel’s are also good for keeping your pet contained on a long trip in the car. Safety is key with pets in the car and often they will get underfoot and cause accidents if they are not contained in a kennel.

A wire mesh kennel is a good selection for all uses. Great for in your home or in the back of your car. And most kennel’s come with a plastic pan in the bottom to collect any accidents that may occur. Wire mesh provides them with a great veiw of whats going on around them, thus giving them a sense that they are still part of whats going on in the area.

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