Keep Your Guns As Sound As Manageable – Firearm Safe Security

A safe is necessary if you have a gun at home. It is also essential that your safe is easy for you to use but difficult to access without your authorization.

Normally made from steel right around 1/2 inch thick and hardened, safes are built tough. You will find some safe manufacturers will use 2 sheets of steel with ball bearings in between for the shell.The ball bearings make drilling through the door or sides very difficult.

Inherently, the places in a safe that are the weakest are the door and the lock. Upon activating the lock, at the minimum 4 hardened steel or preferably titanium bolts should work to keep the safe secure Hinges are internal so that they do not present a weakness to an intruder.

You can find safes with either combination, key , or fingerprint activated locks. The best safes have combinations of different types of lock and time delays before a lock will open.

Key locks can be picked, even the most complex key operated lock can be picked by an expert. Someone who is good can navigate the numbers on a rotary combination lock fairly easily as well. If you are going to have a combination lock, then a keypad is best as long as the batteries don’t go dead in the digital part. These locks don’t have any type of moving part that a potential thief can work with by listening to.

Keeping the keypad clean is very important. Keys that are not kept spotless can leave clues as to the numbers that were pushed to open it. Be careful when you select your combination that you do not make it related to any birthdays or phone numbers that someone could guess.

The fingerprint lock is probably the best bet for unbreakable security. Then you can have absolute confidence that while your fingers are attached to your body that nobody will be able to open your safe without your knowledge.

The best security option for your guns or valuables as far as the locking mechanism on your safe goes is to have both a keypad and a fingerprint lock combination, or have a fingerprint lock that has the ability for a second person to access the safe.

You will find that a lot of the safes have some built in fire protection that will keep your contents safe in the event of a fire. This is done with the use of layers of insulation and an expanding seal on the door which prevents oxygen from entering and damaging the contents.

Many people think that a gun safe is a gun safe, but that is not true. For optimum security look at purchasing a biovault gun safe. For more information on these safes, visit
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