Keeping Your Home Safe For The Holidays

Before departing for your much earned holiday be wise and review your home security.

The latest figures from the FBI show a burglary occurs every 15.4 seconds in the USA. The majority of these break ins take place when the householder is away from the home. A great number of these burglaries could be prevented by beefing up your home security and installing a home security system. The installation of a home security alarm, and home security surveillance cameras is one of the most common and effective ways to improve the security of your home instantly.

Home security monitoring is a staple of many of these systems that you can have installed. Keeping your home safe against burglary, though, is not an exact science, and it would often take more than fancy gadgets to make sure thieves don’t even think of setting foot on your property. Some of the less expensive options available include installing motion sensor lighting around the perimeter of your home.

You should make sure that the inside of your home is just as secure as the outside. Any defective locks should be replaced, and all door and window locks should be checked before leaving home.

Poor maintenance, a broken lock for instance, could make your sliding doors an inviting target for every thief who wants a part of your property. Don’t be naive enough to think that these things don’t happen, because they often do.

A “Charlie bar”, or maybe any sturdy piece of wood or metal can be placed in between your sliding doors, blocking the entrance and deterring any would-be thieves from breaking in when you aren’t around.

The track has to be blocked with a steel rod or wooden dowel, as described above, as minimum protection.

Buy a home safe if you don’t have one yet, and keep any keys used around the house, or keys for your vehicles in there, same with any precious jewels or valuable items.

Protect yourself from identity theft by hiding all personal documents or identification inside your home safe.

Or, if getting a safe is not really an option, a post office vault can do the trick just as well, especially in high-crime locations.

Giving the impression someone is at home is a great way to dissuade a burglar and is key to improving home security. A timer can be used for your television, your radio or your lights to strategically turn them on and off when you’re out. Be smart though and apply this tactic to more than one room in your house.

If you’re out for the holidays, you can suspend mail and newspaper delivery till you get back. One other trick you can do if you have multiple vehicles would be to leave your car parked in your driveway, then ask a neighbor to park the other one in your driveway when you’re out.

Have someone you trust, such as a friend or neighbor, to check on your home while you’re gone. Entrust your keys to this person and turn off your answering machine – don’t let anyone know you’re on vacation.

Ensure all outbuildings are secure, making sure any tools in your garage that could be used to gain access are under lock and key.

No matter what steps and security measures you take your home will never be 100% secure. But these preventive measures are all you need to make it hard for a burglar to break in, or even think about it upon seeing your home security.

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