Do You Need a Waterproof Security Safe?

A safe is an important component in your home or business. When most people think about safes, they think about protection from burglary and dishonest staff; however there are many types of safes.

There are safes that are burglarproof but not fire proof, whilst there are alternatives that are equally adept against both. But there is another element against which a safe can protect your valuables, and that is water.

You may not realise it, but it is highly adviseable that when buying a safe that you look for one that has water resistant and water proof capabilities. If for instance your home area suffered flash floods or storms that brought about flooding, how would the contents of your safe fare? A fire may also break out in your home. The fire brigade would come in with all kinds of fire extinguishing equipment to put out the fire. At the end of the day, the fire may be out. But what would happen to your documents or valuables if your safe was not waterproof? Your documents would be ruined. Therefore it is always advisable to prepare for the unexpected.

Nowadays security safe manufacturers have started building safes that are both water proof and fire proof. This is a very important feature. The water proof safe is just like your every day traditional safe. It is opened through a digital combination, or alternatively you may operate it manually through the use of a key. This type of equipment is ideal for storage of important documents like wills, share certificates, treasury bonds as well as other valuable including jewellery and even cash. With this kind of safe, you do not need to have a safe deposit box with your bank. Every time you need to travel you would have to go to your local bank and request for your box. This would result in unnecessary charges to your account.

A good waterproof security safe can stay submerged under water for at least twenty-four hours without danger of damage to your documents. Such a safe can also withstand hot temperatures of up to 51 degrees centigrade for eight hours. The other type of security safe is the water proof fire media chest. This safe is capable of storing and protecting all of your digitally kept files. This may be in the form of family pictures, your certificates, your memory card contents and contact details of your friends and loved ones among other details.

Fire boxes are similar to fire chests. However they have a smaller capacity in terms of the documents it can hold. A fire box can withstand temperatures of up to 52 degrees centigrade for up to thirty minutes. It can also remain submerged under water for a duration of 24 hours with no damage to your documents.

Before you purchase a safe, think about the kind of documents that you want to put in the safe. Also consider the number of documents that you wish to store in such a safe. Then enquire from your friends and colleagues the best type to buy for yourself. You will then be able to safely keep your documents without fear of damage by fire or water.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For Fire and Water Protection Safes, he recommends Safe Security Services.
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