Two Easy Ways To Undermine Your Home Security System

Okay, you have contracted a monitoring service agreement with one of the major home alarm companies, GE security, ADT, and Brinks are among the most popular home security companies. Now that you have the service setup, there are two simple things home owners can remember to ensure the service operates as advertised.

1.Forgetting to arm the home security system

Home alarm companies that provide monitoring services, like GE security, ADT, and Brinks, utilize third party alarm systems to provide home security services to subscribers. GE Security, ADT, and Brinks all operate by monitoring the alarms, which are equipped to detect break ins at selected entry points including doors, windows, etc. However, the services provided by home alarm companies are nullified if the homeowner does not arm the home security system prior to leaving the house. The systems are fairly simple to arm, with many of the home alarm companies installing alarm panels near high traffic entry/exit points, most are located near front/rear doors or other high traffic areas in the home, but the home security systems only work when armed by the home user. Basically, you forget to arm your home security system, there is nothing home alarm companies like ADT, Brinks, and GE Security can do to monitor or protect your home from break ins or other issues that may compromise your home, often home alarm companies offer additional fire or medical alert assistance, but these services too are dependent on the user arming the system prior to exiting the home. Basically, if you want to ensure home alarm companies and monitoring services can offer the best service possible, repeat this phrase: ARM THE SYSTEM.

2.Leaving doors, windows or other entry points unlocked or open

Okay, you have remembered to arm the home security system, but you have left a major point of entry easily compromised by leaving a door/window open or unlocked. By allowing thieves or would-be burglars access to the home, homeowners compromise the services offered by home alarm companies before they are utilized. Homeowners should make sure that all home security systems are armed and all entry points sealed before leaving the home,there is no point in paying for the services offered by ADT, Brinks, or GE Security if the home offers easy access for burglars. Same as arming the home security system, all locks and entry points should be sealed.

Taylor Jensen writes about home security systems, is considered an expert in the field of home security, and has published hundreds of articles informing consumers about what to look for when considering an ADT monitored security system.
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