Compare Home Security Quickly And Easily

Have you decided to buy a security system for your home? Whatever you do, don’t call the first number you see somewhere. It’s far better to shop around, make notes, and compare all the different services and products available.

The best way to compare home security companies is to have their sales representatives out to your home. Have at least two, if not three, companies come and do a thorough evaluation of your house’s vulnerability, and then compare the contracts before you sign. Also do some research into the companies and find out what people are saying about them.

Brinks, for example, is a company renowned for its business in the security industry. Most customers seem reasonably satisfied with their Brinks service, if the system was installed correctly.

Their quick response time and excellent customer service is often quoted by their customers. One customer describes nine years of using Brinks’ services without a problem.

But Brinks also has its share of dissatisfied customers, who cite everything from bad customer service to poor fire monitoring. They also claim to be upset by what they describe as “bait and switch” in Brinks’ contract lengths and upgrades to make the system truly safe.

Let’s compare home security offered by ADT and Brinks.

ADT is another company you’ve probably heard of. Like Brinks, they have a history that goes back well over 100 years. As an American home security company, they are probably the second most well known.

Just like Brinks, ADT has a mix of customers that range from extremely happy to extremely angry over the quality of service. One customer describes the service people as “idiots,” yet at the same time praises the people in charge of the monitoring center.

Poor installation done by third parties are the most common cause of negative reviews. One customer advises people to read the contract thoroughly, test the system each month, and only buy straight from ADT. These steps will help you have a more positive experience.

So it looks as though the home security industry isn’t very consistent when it comes to customer service, but slightly more so in reliability. But like anything else, it’s a good idea to compare home security companies, read your contract, and watch out. Don’t let the company lead you blindly!

Before you buy home security, make sure to visit home security reviews for more reviews on ADT Home Security and Brinks Home Security System.
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