From Difficult To Impossible: The Issue With High Profile Cases

It was a usual morning for David as he walked to his favorite coffee shop to get his morning coffee. David was a Cincinnati criminal defense attorney living out his dream of fame as a legal wizard. David was three years out of law school and already he was making a name for himself. He purchased an nice home, a nice BMW, hand tailored suits, a pleasure boat and a country club membership. He was specializing in the high end white collar clients. David knew his future was bright with better things to come. He never imagined he would need Cincinnati credit repair to fix his finances or a public relations firm to fix his reputation.

David took a client that would cost him more then he could imagine. There was a builder and developer creating residentitual properties throughout the region. What he wasn’t doing was paying his bills. He was also taking money that that belonged in escrow and using it to pay off vendors and live lavishly. He managed to stay ahead of the game while the market was hot. The developer had turned his business into a ponzi scheme. When the market got cold, the scheme fell apart. Thousands of people had their homes foreclosed. The builder came under fire and, aware of his offenses, prepared for bankruptcy. The first thing he did was to purchase a mansion in Florida since the home would be protected under Florida’s bankruptcy laws.

When word got out that this man had bought a home safe from creditors while hundreds of people watched their house fall victim to liens and foreclosure the the businessman became the profile of evil, greed and avarice. David, the contractors lawyer became the public symbol of this man. The publicity was so negative that David needed security coming into the court room. There were restaurants he could no longer go to because the owner lost a house or knew someone who did. His own personal life became a target under the media assault as he began to drink a heavily every night.

Over the next of several months while preparing for trial, David began to feel the pain of all the victims he deposed. Hundreds of people shared their stories of being cheated out of their homes. David began to consume alchohol during lunch and never faced the contractor until he had a drink in him. The work was piling up and David was overwhelmed. He was so preoccupied he neglected his bills and expenses and began missing payments. When the builder’s cash reserves where low he traded service for property deeds that were fraudulent.

Dave lost nearly everything and his reputation was ruined. After he lost the case and the builder went to jail, Dave began the long hard work of reviving his name. When the loans secured by the fraudulent property deeds became due, Dave felt his financial world fall apart. Dave began rebuilding his credit and had to move his practice to a city in Florida where no one knew his name.

Connor R. Sullivan recently worked with a Cincinnati credit repair specialist while conducting research for a new article. His daughter who is a law student had an opportunity to work was a Cincinnati Criminal Defense attorney as an intern for the summer.
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