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The home security industry continues to surprise as it keeps bringing new innovation to a market that’s growing in demand as much as it’s growing in innovation. Demand for home security has grown substantial since the recession hit last year. Home invasions are on the rise as people become more desperate to get by. Fortunately, the home security industry is ready to answer the demand.

As we talked, I began to realize that there was a lot more to a home security system than I originally thought. The overly simplified notion that an alarm would just sound during a home burglary was quickly put to rest when he started showing me all the alarm equipment they could install in my home.

As if offering hardware wasn’t enough, home security providers are starting to create software for their alarms as well. Now you can download applications for your iphone or blackberry that actually let you control your security system from anywhere. Hook some cameras up to your alarm and now you’ve got video monitoring when you’re on the run.

Glass break sensors, motion detectors, monitored heat and smoke detectors-these components are just the tip of the home security iceberg. Alarm companies are constantly developing products that can make your home safer while being more convenient at the same time.

So I guess I learned that even though buying a home security system is a more complex endeavor than I thought, I’m glad I got it. I just worry less when I’m away from home now knowing that I’ve got a nice new high tech alarm that’s keeping my place safe until I come home.

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