Basic Home Security Products Explained

There are many options in today’s security market. Home security products can be wireless or hard wired, optional or required or simple or complex. Determining what you need can be difficult enough and it becomes more complicated when you have to choose between the assortment of models that are available for each product. Wading through all of the available information can be overwhelming. For this reason choosing only the most basic home security products can greatly simplify the process. Basic products include: the control panel, keypad, and access control sensors.

1. Know Your Control Panel

The control panel is one of the most important products. This is the heart of any security system. All of the wiring meets at the control panel and the entire system is tied together at this location.

2. System Interaction

The keypad is where the homeowner interacts with the system. The system can be activated and deactivated at this location. The keypad is also where the system displays messages for the homeowners. If there has been a breach of security while you were away or if one of your home security products is malfunctioning, the keypad will display these important messages for you. The other purpose that the keypad plays is to display the current status of the system. Some keypads have things like a panic button and a way for you to silently trigger the alarm (if you have an alarm system that is being monitored.)

3. System Sensors

These are used to detect if a door or window is opened while the security system is activated. When these sensors are triggered an alarm will sound either immediately or on a delay. The reason that most security systems incorporate a delay is to enable the homeowner to deactivate the system upon returning to their home.

4. Intruder Alert!

Finally, an audible alarm and strobe lights are other products commonly used. These can be used separately or in conjunction with each other. The importance of these components is that they alert the homeowners as well as their neighbors to a possible intruder. In most cases a triggered alarm is enough to cause the burglar to vacate the property as quickly as possible.

5. Choose Wisely

You may not require some products suggested. Tons of options are optional such as motion detectors and security cameras, while control panels, keypad, access control sensors and audible or visual alarms are necessary.

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