Mobile monitoring applications will become mainstream

The core devices to achieve intelligent home is a smart home controller,due to the current smart home controller is no uniform standard,so the current smart home controller has many different names,such as family controllers, terminals and other domestic intelligence.Regardless of the name,and its essence is the family through various bus technology and information related communications equipment,household appliances and home security devices connected to a home automation system for centralized or remote monitoring,control and family transaction management, and maintaining family harmony these facilities and residential environment,the general smart home controller provides three major functions: home security monitoring, information services and intelligent appliances exclusion of control.A safe and comfortable home environment is the basic premise of achieving intelligent home and fundamental security, home security monitoring is therefore a fundamental feature of smart home controller. A comprehensive security monitoring system by the monitoring center smart home controllers, detection sensors and community sector departments. Home security monitoring system to achieve burglar alarm, fire alarm , gas leak alarms and emergency alarm functions. These features rely mainly on detection sensors installed in residential and residential around the perimeter of the internal signal acquisition . Discrimination by the intelligent smart home controller , if unusual circumstances , the audible alarm , but the alarm signal is transmitted to the control center via the cell network .
Intelligent monitoring global market, China’s development is particularly striking , according to imsresearch estimates , the value of Chinese video surveillance market in 2009 had more than 1.4 billion U.S. dollars , and 20.2% compound annual growth rate is estimated at 2014 market value will reach $ 3.5 billion , becoming the intelligent surveillance industry ‘s most important market . Research shows that mainland China to promote the power of intelligent surveillance market , mainly due to government investment in infrastructure and public safety projects. Particularly safe city construction projects , not only for intelligent monitoring market developments , from single market to further expand into the field of regional and industry needs , but also brought the joint effect of market education and promotion , expected in the next five years , airports, ports , railways and education , will become the most rapidly growing part. In addition , the main market intelligence surveillance in the past mainly banks , securities institutions , public security system and other industries , but with the continuous improvement of people’s income levels , and gradually enhance self-protection awareness, intelligent monitoring systems market is no longer just confined to the particular industry . Many people began to install video surveillance system at home to protect their property and lives , which spawned a huge home monitoring market, many security monitoring products have begun to enter ordinary households. But the home security products is the main market is still dominated Europe and other developed countries , home , industry, and public intelligence surveillance market , form the three pillars of the situation. As markets in developing countries , home monitoring market is still in its infancy stage , but because of security products to protect home security , crime prevention , there is considerable benefit value , individual users of home security products in fact , has a huge potential demand . Plus because of the popularity of network applications , as well as security and telecom operators involved, intelligent monitoring in the home market is gaining more and more attention , and the emergence 3g wireless monitoring technology , more intelligent monitoring market has brought a great deal of development, if the cost of future products and services continued to decline , with government subsidies and the promotion of education , smart home monitoring market is expected to become an emerging market, and showed a significant growth in the coming years .
With economic development , security and public awareness of the family gradually strengthened. In this stage, the security situation is still grim , how to protect personal and property safety , this high-tech smart security, intelligent security alarm systems to provide a broad space for development. For home security alarm system , simple, safe and smart features such as the direction of development , intelligent security alarm system has become widely accepted in the market. Intelligent security systems because of its high technical level requirements , so its price is more expensive , so many families Despair . Because of this, many companies began to develop new civilian areas intelligent security systems. Compared to other systems , mobile video surveillance alarm system relatively inexpensive . Mobile video surveillance to watch anytime, anywhere remote monitoring via the user’s point of video phones, Internet-based operation of the entire system . Currently mobile video surveillance has two modes , one is through the placement of specific locations in the network monitoring cameras and uploaded to the Internet after shooting video screen through a video server compression, and then transmitted to the monitoring center network video surveillance server, and then use the mobile Internet the way , log in to the server video surveillance , access monitoring resource list , the final choice to watch the surveillance video. Another point is directly connected , that is, log on to the network camera phone directly or NVR / DVS, network camera directly read the audio and video frequency and audio and video in the mobile terminal handling .When the user enters into the monitor screen , the ability to control remote PTZ,camera angle adjustment , monitoring major regional situation , and cameras for remote settings. The Kate phone with video surveillance alarm system that peer mode for example. When there are unusual circumstances monitored area , the server host starts recording every three seconds to capture an image and send a message to the specified phone.With the development of 3G and 4G networks,mobile video surveillance alarm system will also show its mettle in the field of home security .

Smart Home is an intelligent device network interconnected to form a function that implements the home automation,remote home control,home system interaction.Smart home gateway node more than 300 million will be realized in the next five years,the future of mobile surveillance applications will become the mainstream of home security.
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