In Search of the Perfect Burglar Alarm

Once a householder decides to put in a home alarm system, it is often difficult for him to choose which security alarm he or she should buy. There are so many different versions of security alarms that the choice is often difficult. There are electronic alarms, ones with videos, some that call home to a base security company, but all these have one big problem.

The burglar breaks in the first and only then does the alarm respond.

Also, the monitored alarms are not always what they seem, because by the time they advise the alarm company and they send their people out to investigate, the burglars have cleaned out the house and have long gone.

And if the security alarm company that monitors the alarm phones the police, the police do not have legal powers to enter the home that has been burgled until they contact the owner and get his permission. So while the old-fashioned home alarm systems seem helpful at the time when the owner is buying his security alarm, the reality is that his house will be cleaned out by the time he finds out about the burglary.

But now a new company on the Australian scene has come out with a brilliant wireless alarm system that actually stops burglars BEFORE they break in. The system is called IntruderShield and is the best home alarm that money can buy. The good news is that this wireless alarm system only costs a fraction of the price of other burglar alarms, and also alerts anybody in the house when the burglar, or a prowler approaches.

The IntruderShield burglar alarm is a home alarm system based on World War II technology – – it uses radar rather than the cheaper infrared sensors — – and does not need special installation. The radar beams of the IntruderShield home alarm system go through brick, glass, or other building materials, so can be hidden inside the house and will pick up the presence of a would-be burglar as he approaches the building.

Another huge advantage of the IntruderShield alarm wireless systems is that it is a security alarm that can be set in many different ways.

The most normal mode of this security alarm is to set it to the sound of a fierce barking German shepherd guard dog. When switched on, any burglar approaching the front door – – and burglars will always do that first to check to see if anybody is home – – will be greeted by the sound of a vicious guard dog in the house. The IntruderShield home alarm system will pick up the movement of the burglar on its radar, and as the burglar gets closer to the door, the barking will become more and more vicious.

This generally deters the burglar who has no desire to “mix it” with a dog that will tear them to pieces, so he will immediately turn around and go elsewhere for easier pickings.

But when the householder is at home and does not want to frighten legitimate visitors who may be coming to call socially, the IntruderShield home alarm can be set to a gentle sound – – the sound of the forest. In this mode the soothing sounds of a running brook, a chirping bird, a croaking frog, and rustling trees will greet the person coming to the door.

But the important thing is that the wireless alarm system has still alerted the householder, who then knows immediately that someone is approaching the house entrance. It would be difficult to find a better home alarm system then this IntruderShield home alarm that picks up anyone approaching the house before they actually get to it.

There are some people who want their home alarm to make the noise of a more traditional alarm system – – the normal burglar-alarm siren. This is another optional setting on the IntruderShield home alarm system. In this case, when the burglar approaches the house he first hears the loud barking of a guard dog. But shortly thereafter a screeching siren pierces the air, and the barking of the guard dog is reinforced by the sound of a siren. The IntruderShield burglar alarm also has sophisticated settings that give variable sound-volume, and this wireless alarm system can also be set in such a way that it starts to activate at around 12 m or so, but this distance can be reduced to 45 m by a switch on the unit.

The IntruderShield security alarms costs only 0 and carries a 12 months full replacement warranty. Fore more information about wireless alarm system check it out on
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