Types of Security Gates: Things to Know for Making Suitable Choice

Home security system is one such thing that requires being foolproof to enable homeowners and occupants get an assured peace of mind. Installing innovative safety devices like wireless telephone entry system, CCTV, security alarms and motorized gates is essential to prevent entry of unauthorized persons and minimize the risk of burglary or property damage.

When you install automatic electric gates at the end of your driveway or at the entry point in your apartment then you need not hire security guards. Based on your specific security requirements and your preferences you can select a high quality electric gate and a suitable gate opener. The electric gate motor florida forms the backbone of any automatic or non-automatic security gates as this allows the opening and closing of gate. They can be either hydraulic that requires hydraulic fluids to function or electromechanical that draws power from the electrical mains.

The knowledge about various types of electrical gates and gate openers will help you make suitable choice and enable you install foolproof security solution.

Here is a checklist of various types of gates and their features:-

1.Slide Gates
An automatic slide gate slides on wheels from left to right or right to left and provides a convenient security system, as they require slide gate operators to function efficiently. They come in the form of ‘V-track slide gate, rear pipe track slide gate and cantilever slide gates. What makes it a popular choice is that these gates are easy to open and easier to connect with the gate motor florida that can be installed at the end of the gate.

The only downside is that they require enough space off to the side.

2.Swing Gates
As the name implies, these gates swing open like the door and are remotely controlled and operated by swing gate openers. They are easy to install and can be opened and closed by swing gate operators that can be installed at or below the ground level.

These gates enhance the security system and prevent access of unauthorized persons or miscreants.

3.Barrier Arm Gates
Barrier arm gates are a common sight at Toll Island, industrial areas, hotels and at parking garages in companies. These gates are suited for vehicle or traffic control and they provide the least security. Moreover, they are not so visually appealing like sliding or swing gates.

4.Overhead Gates
Overhead gates are those that lift overhead while opening and use either screw, belt or a chain driven system controlled by gate openers. They are installed at places where there is a lack of space for installation of a swing and slide gate.

They are used commonly in residential garages or in commercial store rooms designed on or underground.

5.Vertical Lift Gates
Vertical lift gates are widely used in various industries as they provide a cost effective and highly secure gate solution. The gate moves upward to open and allows any vehicle to pass directly under the gate. They are space efficient and can be aesthetically stunning.

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