3 Of The Top Stolen Items Today

Taking a review of what burglars commonly aim at stealing from a house is a befitting way to plan your home security strategy, according to Phoenix security pros. Most criminals do not seek to lift jewelry and cars as many people may presume. In fact, these two items usually do not top in their list of looted items from a house.

Cold Hard Cash

Phoenix security officials state that one of the most coveted items for burglars to steal during their house ransacking expedition is cash-money. Cash is one thing that is easy to carry for a thief and no one would be able to tell whose cash it was anyways. Having a safe at home is a great solution to avoid theft of cash. You can also keep many other items inside of a safe, including jewelry, electronics, and other valuables.

Cash is not an item that Phoenix security authorities suggest people hide in their homes. Many people keep emergency cash on hand for emergencies like large-scale disasters or power outages. While it is not advisable to keep large amounts of money in the home, security authorities understand the desire to do so and highly suggest keeping it in a safe. Floor safes or safes that are bolted into the ground are the best options. There are also diversion safes–like wall outlet safes and coke can safes where Phoenix security officials suggest keeping smaller sums of money.


Other common items that burglars steal are tools. They are small in size and easy to carry. They can also get good money for certain types of tools that they steal. Car garages hold not only hold your vehicle, they are also a storehouse for keeping a variety of expensive tools. Tools are a common item stolen by thieves to break open houses or just to sell. Always get your name engraved on the tools and keep them locked up in unbreakable storage system. You can chain your tool box to an unmovable item in your garage too. Along with this, Phoenix security specialists state that you can paint or place drapes over the windows in your garage to keep burglars from “window shopping.”

Laptops & Computers

Laptops are yet another very commonly stolen item today. Many thieves know that just about everyone utilizes a computer or laptop and that they are generally kept right out in the open. An advanced computer/laptop is a pet item for thieves to steal, according to Phoenix security systems companies. They can gather essential information about the owner, including personal financial records, passwords, and other information. They can also sell computers and laptops.

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