Sensible Security Measures for Your Home and Business

Those who have had their homes vandalized will tell you that it is more than just the loss of their money and possessions. It is also the loss of confidence and comfort in knowing that you are not safe, even in your own home.

How can you secure your home from thieves and vandals? Studies have shown that the best way for you to protect your home from theft is to make thieves think you have a security monitoring system in place. About 25% of homes in the US have a security system. The deterrence provided by that system is invaluable. Houses with a home monitoring system are broken into at a significantly lower rate.

The truth is that it is not the actual security system that provides the protection, but the belief by the thief that the home is monitored. Professional thieves will be able to enter a home whether the home is protected or not. The deterrence is provided by making your home seem to be more difficult to enter. Thieves will then move on and look for an easier mark.

One drawback is that a home security system can be very expensive. There is the installation charge, equipment charge and the monthly service charge. The overall cost of a home monitoring system can run well over a thousand dollars.

There are also other disadvantages with a live home monitoring system. These include false alarms which are not only an inconvenience for the home owner, but can also incur charges from the local police departments for responding to false alarms. Clearly, there are both advantages and disadvantages to a home monitoring system.

So, how does someone get the advantage of a home security system without the high cost and inconvenience of such a system?

The latest concept in enhanced home security provides the answer. ‘Dummy’ security systems create the impression of a monitored, secure home or business without the high cost. A home owner can purchase several fake security cameras and install them at strategic and visible home access points. Many of these cameras have a flashing light that gives the impression of a live camera. Some others move back and forth to enhance the illusion. These cameras are simple to install.

And they are low maintenance and only require batteries. A home owner can increase the effectiveness of the cameras by adding fake security decals on the windows or even a small security monitoring sign in the lawn. Remember, it is not that you have a security system that provides the deterrence, it is the fact that the criminal believes that you have such a system.

The right security systems can provide adequate protection for very little cost. A well positioned fake security camera can thwart a thief just as effectively as a real one. Be sure to get our newsletter for more home security ideas.
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