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What does SECURITY mean to you? Security in real sense is being safe in all means of your lives from theft, burglary, violent attacks, fire accidents, terrorism, bomb attacks, kidnapping and murders. If you see around in the world, things are increasingly getting worst when it comes to security reasons for any point of time and at any place. The crime rates are mounting on day-to-day basis and most of us are really concerned in one or other way to fight back crime and safeguard our security. Today, people have realized the importance of being secured at any place they live or move. Let it be a home or an office, security is the prime concern for one and all. There is no house or place which is safe today. Basing to the way back recent attacks by terrorist into our own metropolitan cities shows how important is the aspect of security stands in our day to day life. We need to take precautions from basic lighting systems to sophisticated security system installation at our places of concern. If you still think “why do I need a security system?” it would be advisable that you search for the local statistics for crime in your geographical area.
In most of security measures available to us, electronic security plays a major role in preventing any untoward occurrence from happening. Electronic security is process of arranging security measures by using electromagnetic radiations interceptions to identify and deny unauthorized persons entry into a certain area or place. If electronic security equipments are placed and installed, it helps in many ways to safeguard your safety.
I-Dfens is an Identification and Security Solutions firm and is committed to propose end-to-end solutions in the areas of identification and security. It has invaluable experience in providing electronic security systems and solutions from individual apartments to multi plex building, commercial complexes and many more major projects. Partnering with R&D Company and related technology companies, it offers a broad range of biometric, smart card and RFID Security Solutions.
I-Dfens security applications are easily deployable and can be integrated with other applications. It is wide spread across different verticals like Commercial buildings, Educational institutions, Factories, Gated communities, Government, Health care, High court/District courts and Police. Our range of products for offices are Standalone Fingerprint & Card Reader, High-End Standalone Fingerprint Reader, High Performance RFID Readers , Short Range RFID Readers, Mifare Reader, Mifare Cards , Cameras, DVRs , 4-Camera Surveillance Architecture , i-dfens. Our range of products for home is Intrusion Detection System, Hybrid Intrusion Detection System, Color Video Door Phones, Black & White Video Door Phones, and Multi-Apartment Video Door Phone.
There is no doubt that there is nothing that will make your home or office as safe and secure as a reliable electronic security system. I-Dfens is all here to provide you with latest and sophisticated electronic security systems and solutions.

Passionate writer. I-Dfens is all here to provide you with latest and sophisticated electronic security systems and Security Solutions. It mainly focus on Security Technologies and security systems in india
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