Monitoring Your Security at Home

Whoever said that crime never paid, perhaps, knew the person who attempted a robbery of a house in Kent, England. Armed with only a hammer, the robber decided to smash his way into the house. So, he began swinging the hammer wildly at the front windows. As he attempted entry, his foot got caught in the window frame and left him unable to free himself. Consequently, he went on dangling upside down in the window frame for well over an hour. In the meantime, a crowd of neighbors and onlookers began gathering around the house and ridiculing him. A smart bystander shouted out his support to the would-be burglar by saying, “Hang in there, mate”. It left everyone in splits and reportedly, even the police had a good laugh as they rescued the robber and arrested him.

Burglaries or armed robberies in the neighborhood have become a common feature of the daily newspapers these days. Keeping this in mind, it can be worthwhile to buy a home security system. Barrier Protection Systems Inc (McKeesport, PA) specializes in security monitoring Pittsburgh and has been considered as being one of the leading Pittsburgh Home Security Companies. However, before you select a vendor, obtain as much information as you can about home security systems, before you invest heavily in obtaining one.

A main control panel controls all home security systems, although some systems come equipped with multiple panels that run all around the house. Each door and window has a sensor and at times, motion detectors can also be placed in high traffic areas of the house. The sensors get activated when the door or window gets opened as the magnetic strip moves away from the transmitter. When this movement takes place the control panel receives a signal and it, in turn, transmits another signal to the siren. When connected to a monitoring system, the panel can also be used to transmit a signal to the alarm company via phone.

Getting a home security system installed in your house certainly has its own merits although; they may seem to be costly. Some advantages can be:

* Safety and Peace of Mind: The biggest advantage undoubtedly, as it allows you to relax and sleep better, knowing that any intruders would lead to the sounding of the alarm.
* Lower Insurance Premium: Having a good home security system can lead to a lower insurance premium on your home insurance policy.
* Additional Value on Resale: If you plan to sell your house, having a good home security system can be a good selling point to leverage and get a higher resale value.

However, having a home security system does not necessarily mean that your house cannot become the target of burglars. Such systems work as deterrents but merely having a deterrent does not ward off unwanted attention. Therefore, ensure that your valuables have been appropriately safeguarded. Burglars can often find value in those things you do not consider to be valuable; leaving such items lying around carelessly, can act as triggers for someone to break in.

Security monitoring Pittsburgh combine today’s most advanced technology, backed by over 100 years of combined experience, providing you with peace of mind for your home and family.
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