Want to Increase Your Home Security? – 4 People You Need to Learn More About

Many people rely on mechanical systems such as alarms to protect the security of their home and family. While alarms, cameras, and similar devices are certainly important layers of protection, it is perhaps equally valuable to consider the human aspect of your home security. By learning more about the people around you, you can better understand potential security threats. The truth is, your home is more likely to be broken into by an acquaintance than by someone you’ve never met. Here are the top four people you should get to know:

1. Your neighbors. These people have been living next to you for years, and are always around your home, but how well do you really know them? Although it’s understandable to want to keep to yourself, you should at least introduce yourself to them. By getting to know them just a little better, they will be more willing to look out for you. You may even be able to form a neighborhood watch, in which those living in the neighborhood agree to watch each other’s property and report any suspicious behaviors to the police.Get to know those in and around your neighborhood, not just do find out about potential threats but also as a way to band together against these threats. After all, there is strength in numbers.

2. Your mailman. Although many people aren’t home when their mail carrier drops off the mail, make an effort to meet them. During the day, the mail man may be the only one to notice suspicious activities going on around your house. Many mail carriers are surprisingly familiar with the daytime routines of those on their routes. After striking up a friendly conversation, your mail carrier may be more likely to notice something out of place at your home.

3. The repairmen, plumber, electrician, and other hired workers. Although many people would automatically agree with the idea that it is not smart to allow strangers into their home, far too many unsuspecting homeowners let repair workers into their home without doing anything to check into their background or reputation. Many burglars dress up in the common uniforms of these workers as a disguise to assess your home without being noticed or even to break in. Only hire from licensed companies with a strong reputation. Never invite them into your home if you are there alone, and keep an eye on them while they are there.

4. Your child’s babysitter. Even if they have been caring for your child for years, how well do you really know them? On one hand, how do you know that they are taking good care of your kids and aren’t taking your jewelry or having friends over while you’re not there? On the other hand, they are the person in charge while you’re away, and you must be able to trust them to report anything suspicious. Because they will be home without you, make sure that you’ve gone over your home’s security rules, including the operation of door and window alarms, and make sure that they aren’t letting in their friends or any strangers who come to the door. If you suspect foul play, consider installing a hidden “nanny cam” to keep an eye on things.

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