Myths About Home Security in North Carolina

When it comes to home security in North Carolina, myths and misconceptions abound. All too often, homeowners believe unfounded rumors and put off contacting alarm companies until after they’ve been burglarized. Don’t allow misinformation to keep you from getting the protection you and your family deserve. Check out these top five myths about home security in North Carolina and learn the truth about today’s leading alarm companies.

1. It’s Unlikely That Anyone Will Break into Your Home

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), approximately two million burglaries occur in the United States each year. In 2011, burglaries accounted for an estimated $ 4.8 billion in property loss. The average time that it takes an intruder to enter a home is around 60 seconds, and around 60 percent of residential burglaries happen during the day when a family member may be at home.

2. Security Systems Cost Too Much

Security systems are a bargain when compared to the loss that you can incur from a residential burglary. The average dollar loss per break-in is more than $ 2,000, according to the FBI. When an intruder steals items of great sentimental value, no amount of money can recompense your loss. The peace of mind that security systems offer to you and your family is priceless. In addition, you’ll likely offset some of the cost of a security system through lower rates from your insurance company.

3. Security System Installations Are Too Intrusive

Home security in North Carolina no longer requires connections to phone lines, so there’s no need to run wiring through your home’s structure to enjoy the enhanced security the systems offer. Wi-Fi technology makes the system simple to set up and protects you against an intruder cutting your phone lines. Equipped with cameras, the systems let you view your home’s interiors when you’re away from home via computer, smart phone or tablet.

4. Programming and Operating a Security System Is Too Complicated

Quality alarm systems make it easy to enjoy enhanced home security with user-friendly controls. A skilled technician will walk you through the set-up process, and because support specialists are always on stand-by to take your calls, you’ll receive assistance whenever you need it. Wireless systems can be programmed and operated from Internet-enabled devices, making it simple to access and use the system remotely whenever you wish.

5. Pets Will Trigger False Alarms

Security system manufacturers know that most households in North Carolina and around the nation have one or more pets and engineer their equipment to work accordingly. Alarm companies design their security systems with motion detectors that can recognize the difference between a pet and an intruder. Other types of sensors, such as those that alert to the sound of broken glass or to movement in a window or door, can be used as well. The key to a successful installation is to choose a company that takes the time to evaluate your specific needs.

A Sentry Watch security system not only works as a deterrent against home intrusions but is your best defense in times of emergency as well. Whether you want to protect your home from property loss due to a burglary or fire or you’d just like to keep an eye on your children and pets while you’re at work, a quality alarm system offers you peace of mind. That’s the most valuable truth about home security systems.

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