Home Security Systems: What You Need to Know Before Purchasing

So, you plan on purchasing a home security system? Do you believe you know enough security system information to make a good choice? Do you think you know the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys of security systems? Take the following quiz, which contains some useful, interesting, and trivial security system information, and check your knowledge of the subject. Read and answer the questions, then scroll down for the security system information answers.

1. Do you know who invented the video home security system?

In 1966, Albert Brown and Marie V. Brown turned in an application for a patent on the first closed-circuit security system made to be used in a house. They were issued the patent on December 2, 1969. The combo applied their security system knowledge to figure out an arrangement which implemented a security camera powered by a motor that could move up and down seeing through a set of four peep holes made in the door. The system also had an electric switch that yielded the home’s resident the option of unlocking the door from a remote location.

2. What is the cheapest process of installing a home security system?

Opting for do-it-yourself installation grants you the benefits of a home security system at a much lower cost than professional installation. Reading and posting questions on do it yourself security forums gives you the security system information needed to not only make an educated decision when purchasing a system but also offers installation instructions and first-hand accounts of other people installing their own systems.

3. The majority of household burglaries in the U.S. occur most often at what time?

The majority of home burglaries occur during the holiday season. Because of our hectic schedules during the holidays, we often find ourselves becoming lax on home security issues. And burglars know that we often receive expensive items, such as electronics, as holiday gifts. The following holiday-time security system information allows you to enjoy the holidays while staying safe: always turn on your security system when not at home, never give your passcode to delivery people or temporary housekeepers and teach trusted houseguests how to use your security system.

4. What is the ideal location to keep your system information, including manuals and a written copy of your password?

A home safe gives the most dependable shelter for your security system information. A fire resistant house security safe protects your home security system data from being misplaced, taken, or ruined in a fire.

5. Why have home security systems become less expensive in the last few years?

Recent advances in technology, such as the Internet and wireless security systems, led to the price decline of home security systems. Before, installing an alarm necessitated hiring a professional. Now, home owners can properly install wireless security system in minutes, and if they come across a problem, the numerous sources on the Internet offer the security system information they need.

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