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On browsing the FBI website and going through their crime statistics for the year 2011, you come across the following.

 The total number of burglaries in 2011 amounted to 2.188,005.
 This reflects an increase of 0.9% when compared with the data for 2010.
 Burglary accounted for a 24.1% of all property crimes committed in 2011.
 The cumulative worth of lost property amounted to $ 4.8 billion.
 The average dollar loss per burglary amounted to $ 2,185.
 Burglaries of residential properties accounted for 74.5% of all burglary offenses.

If the crime rate statistics do not trouble you, the last line about the percentage of residential burglaries should serve to rouse you into action. When it comes to burglaries or the crime rate, the usual response remains “It can’t happen to me”. If you said these words after taking the necessary precautions to safeguard your home, robbers might think twice about breaking into your house. However, on most occasions, people remain rooted in complacency and avoid taking any concrete steps to pre-empt the possibility of their homes being robbed.

While the crime rate continues on an upward spiral, the fact remains that you can take steps to prevent your house from being the next target. Among the first things to do – if you haven’t already done so – remains getting a sound home security system installed at your residence. While the presence of a good home security system might not be able to prevent a robbery, it has other uses. For example, it could make your house even more impregnable for a slightly longer period of time that would deter the burglars from breaking in. Or even if the burglars did break in, the security system could provide some clues about their identity.

When searching the market for a good home security systems Pittsburgh system, consider the steps listed below.
 Undertake a proper research from friends and neighbors to check which security company’s systems they have installed.
 Get your home inspected by some security systems Pittsburgh PA.
 Examine the security packages provided and select the one that best meets your needs.
 Ensure that your security monitoring company provides round-the-clock monitoring, as far as possible.

In Pittsburgh, Barrier Protection Systems Inc. has earned renown as one of the leading providers of home and business security solutions. With a variety of indoor and outdoor security systems, they can guide you through the maze that the home security market has become. Their expertise in home alarm systems, intercom systems and locksmithing could well make your home safer and securer – to say nothing about increasing your peace of mind.

Barrier clearly stands above the competition! When it comes to products and services, Home security systems Pittsburgh is unmatched in the industry.
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