Maintaining your Bayshore Tampa house to increase its resale value

Everyone loves to remodel their house, but there aren’t many takers for maintenance. But ask any real estate agent and he is sure to agree that simple maintenance can ensure that you retain the value of your home even years after you’ve purchased it. Purchasing a house is perhaps, the single largest investment in an average American’s life. Maintaining the house not only helps you to sell your house in future but also helps you to rent it out, when you are looking to make money from your real estate investment.

Doesn’t matter if you have a house in Beach Park or even Bayshore, Tampa it’s important for you to maintain it well. The first thing that attracts investors is the exterior. Simple yet effective steps like maintaining a well mowed and manicured lawn, planting flowers and plants is sure to attract people. Besides a lovely garden, installing a fence also helps to increase the value of your home. Installing a gate or fence gives a sense of security to people and is sure to be appreciated. Painting your exteriors at least once in a year adds to the beauty of the exterior fa├žade. However factors like the weather, the extent of damage determine the time period.

Besides these there are a few other things that help to make your Culbreath Isles, Tampa house appealing to investors. For example, annual maintenance of your kitchen, bathroom, basement, attic etc, helps you to keep leaks and repairs under control. Leaks in the bathroom and kitchen are sure to cause damage to your tiles, floors and walls.

Hardwood floors are another aspect to be paid attention to. It’s best to refinish every 5-10 years. Roofs and gutters need annual maintenance as a blocked gutter is sure to cause damage to your floor. An annual maintenance with a roofing company ensures that the roofs remain free of clutter and downspouts. Simple things like checking the batteries on the smoke alarm, checking the filters in the heating system and the air conditioning system go a long way in ensuring that your house is well maintained. Also check for cracks and leaks in the foundation.

There isn’t anything more impressive than a house that’s clean. Besides the things mentioned above, regular sweeping, mopping and dusting, cleaning the windows, carpets, walls and baseboards, are important to impress investors. Even if you aren’t inclined to sell your Davis Island, Tampa for sale in the near future, the simple ideas given above are sure to ensure that you get a decent return on investment.

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