Shoo Burglars Through Your Home Security System

A home is the only place here on earth when you can feel a lot safer. But with the incessant burglaries that happen around the country, you will now feel that even your home could be a risky place to live. In the USA, almost 500,000 cases of burglaries happen each month. Yet, these burglars are not punished because they easily escape their victims. To give you an interesting fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that this kind of incident happen every 15.4 reports. Just imagine how many homeowners have become victims in this kind of crime. You as another homeowner would want to be exempted in this kind of fate. You don’t want your hard-earned money go to waste.

It is also reported that burglaries mostly happen when no one is there to protect the house. Burglars often attack when they know that their victims are off to work. So make sure that your doors are properly locked to prevent these thieves from entering your house. Good thing is that a home security system could serve as your knight in shining armor even when you are not at home. Statistics also show that most of this kind of crime happens at the months of July and August when it is hot and most of the people are enjoying their vacation. Most of the stolen things include money, jewelry, laptop, and other small electronic devices.

It is also said that men under the age of 25 are the ones who are common to commit this kind of crime. Seventy percent who engage in burglary often use force when entering the house and entering through an open door or window. Of course, these criminals also use handy tools that would help them in committing the crime. Some of the usual tools used are the screwdrivers, hammers and pliers. Since many of these criminals are already experts, authorities find it hard to catch them hence they are still enjoying their freedom even if they have to pay something for their criminal act.

However, homeowners are much wiser now as they opt to install home security alarms that would prevent burglars from ransacking their house. These home security monitoring systems are capable of transmitting signals back to the monitoring center. After feeding the data, the monitoring system will alarm the homeowner that a burglar is present in their house. If the one answering the phone cannot supply the pertinent information such as the personal identification code, the police are called. This way, even if you are not at your house, authorities will be contacted so they can catch these criminals.

The good thing about a home security system is that it will monitor your house 24/7. This excellent system is usually composed of digital keypads, high decibel alarm sirens, infrared interior motion detectors and a lot. With the presence of this system, you will now have the peace of mind knowing that your home is safe even when you are enjoying your vacation or you are just simply at work.

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