Using Video Intercoms for Home Security

Looking after your family and your house is an important responsibility, which is why many people now choose to install video intercoms for home security. This simple device is a straightforward and effective way of enhancing your home security by allowing you to instantly see who is approaching or requesting access to your home or property. Knowing who is arriving at your home provides you with the means to reduce access to your property of unfamiliar people who have arrived unexpectedly or uninvited.

What is a video intercom?

A video intercom is a system which can be set up in either a home or commercial premises to control access to the property. When someone arrives at the property they will activate the system, generally with a bell or buzzer, to alert the occupants of the home that they are there. A camera at the entry point allows those in the home to see who the person is and it is then up to them whether they allow the person entry or not. Depending upon the individual system and the personal preference, they home occupant can either converse with the person, or they may prefer to simply let them believe they are not in the property.

Using a video intercom

When video intercoms for home security are installed, there are usually several elements that are included in the system; these are the camera for the video transmission, a screen to view the person who has arrived at the property, a phone or other voice communication device and a buzzer for the person arriving to alert the inhabitants of their arrival. The security that this provides lies with the way that the system gives you, the home owner, the ability to monitor who is arriving and the option to ‘screen’ who you choose to let into your home and onto your property.

Enhancing home security with a video intercom

For increased home security with your video intercom, you may choose to install a number of additional security measures. The types of security measures you install will depend upon the location of the intercom. Videos located at a gated driveway entry may be used alongside of automatic gate openers or gate locks. Similar openers and locks may be installed if the video intercom is used at smaller garden walkway entries. Automatic door releases may be included if the system has been installed in the entry of an apartment building and so on.

There are many different ways in which you could configure video intercoms for home security. In order to determine what is most appropriate, the very first thing is to consider precisely what aspect of your security you wish to enhance with the system. Is it simply for overall added security for your home or is there a particular aspect you want to control, such as reducing access to the property by people who have not been invited onto your property. By keeping the overall purpose in mind, you can install the video intercom in the most appropriate location and utilise it alongside the most applicable extra security measures you may require.

Where I live video intercoms are becoming more popular, especially in the inner city. We had one installed by this security systems Melbourne, who were fast not too expensive.
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