How Lighting Can Improve Your House Security

A lot of people realise that having satisfactory lighting can put off criminals from your house. Whatever lighting might help lower your risk of becoming a victim, the right lights, utilized properly will be the effectual deterrent to burglars and other intruders and improve your home security.


Lights on the outside of your home are vital. This is especially true for any doorways at the rear of you house, because this is where break-ins tend to happen the most. All round security lighting that is set-up high out of reach, and is tamper proof, will greatly improve your home security and help to protect your house.

You want to make sure that your garage or carport is lit well. An automatic garage opener is the best option. The best of the garage doors and openers in use today also have an automatic light that comes on when the garage door opener remote is used, lighting up the garage and letting you see that it’s safe to enter. If you don’t have a garage, consider leaving a light on permanently, having a light on a timer, or using a motion sensor to activate the light you install.

It is best to use a motion detector on all outside lights that are not left switched on. The primary benefit of a motion light for your home’s security, is that when the light turns on, you know there is someone or something in the area of the light. And despite the complaints of a lot of people, if you set the sensitivity of your motion detector properly, it wont be going off any time the wind blows too hard, a squirrel runs across your yard, or the dog or cat moves around. When it comes to the front yard, you want to make sure that the light will cover the entire front and side of your house, no matter what kind of light you decide to use. You can use motion sensors on these lights, simply like the ones in the rear of your house, but they are more prone to being incidentally triggered by people coming to visit, or kids playing.


When you go out and do not expect to return until after dark you probably, like most of us, leave on what the police refer to as burglar beacons. Basically, a burglar beacon is an individual light that is left on inside your house, so that when you come back it isn’t completely dark.

Regrettably these lights are a sign for the burglar that you are out. When you go out for the night or away on a vacation, you want to be particularly sure that you leave several lights on, in various rooms of your home, maybe even a radio. You can easily put them on timers. This makes your home look, from the outside, as if someone is always house. This is very beneficial to the security of your house.

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