Home Security: For Many Americans It’s Spelled ADT

ADT goes back a long way. The company was first formed in 1874, not as a security company but as an affiliation of 57 district telegraph delivery companies known as “American District Telegraph”. About 1909, 100 years ago, with the increase in phone usage and decline in telegraph service, ADT began moving into the business of protection with fire alarms and burglar alarms. Today ADT is the largest provider of home security systems in the United States and a major player in other parts of the world.

ADT’s main business is the installation and monitoring of alarm systems, not just for homes but for business and government. Here are some facts about ADT if you’re considering installing a first rate home security system:

ADT helps protect and make safe:
* 80% + of US major retailers
* 90% of Fortune 500 companies
* 72 US airports, including 19 of the busiest airports
* Employs over 6000 professional installers
* Has four Customer Monitoring Centers strategically located across the United States
* Handles 29 million alarm signals annually or 93,000 a day
* Protects over 6 million residential, commercial and government customers

Those facts might be enough for most people to say, yes I’ll choose ADT for my home security system. In case they aren’t, here are some other thoughts.

ADT home security systems have a reputation for being exceptionally user friendly. The technology may be complex, but operating the system is anything but. If you do have any problems once you’ve been shown how by the installer, ADT experts are available to provide you with solutions. As well, your system comes with a keychain remote to enable or disable your system as required.

You also have options as to the kind of alarm system you require; besides basic monitoring for break-ins or other unwanted activity on your property, you can also get monitoring for fire and carbon monoxide. For all its systems, ADT uses state-of-the-art technology. This is backed by 24 hour monitoring year round from highly trained professionals, who act quickly to resolve any perceived threats.

If you’ve decided that now is the time for a home security system, you should consider installing a system from ADT. They’re America’s #1 home security company, they’ve been around a long time, they have lots of experience and you can count on the customer service. To find out more, contact Phelps Security Services at http://www.phelpssecurityservices.com or call them at 1 888 219-9449.

Its beginnings were in 1874, not as a security company but as an affiliation of telegraph messenger services. Today ADT is the largest security business in the United States offering protection to residential, commercial and government customers alike.

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