Home Security System-Do It Yourself Style

For most Americans their home is their most valuable asset. Only about 20% of Americans do anything to protect their home aside from insurance. Why when
a home burglary happens every 15 seconds? Homeowners make it so easy.

When the crooks go casing a neighborhood they are looking for homes that looks affluent and places to hide near windows and doors. They want to pick out a home that has no signage about alarms, dogs or security systems. In other words they want no trouble. Fast in, fast out.

If you can put up some obstacles to their goal of ripping you off they may choose another target which, no offense, Mr. Neighbor is exactly what you want. Get someone else.

This is why home security systems have become so popular-they actually prevent crimes from happening. But man, oh man, are they expensive! A guard dog or a sign that says you have a guard dog and a do it yourself home security system are a lot cheaper and will do the same thing-keep the bad guys out of your castle.

A USB DVR wired surveillance system costs just under $ 500 and gives you 4 day/night color bullet cameras, brackets to mount the cameras, 100 feet of cable for each camera and a powerful USB DVR surveillance hardware that converts your home or office computer into a global surveillance system in less than five minutes.

In short everything you need and world class customer service just in case you get stuck. This is a great system for your primary residence or a vacation home in a remote location. It connects to the internet allowing viewing from anywhere in the world.

Chances are if you are reading this that crime has touched your life in some way or you consider yourself at risk. Take the next step and do something to protect yourself! Your home and possessions are worth far more than the cost of a home security system.

So consider getting a home security system for your home. They are easy to install, more affordable than before and will work to eliminate a very real threat of robbery.

Can you use a surveillance system for home, office or business? You actually can’t afford to not have one! They send a message to burglars-‘we are watching so don’t mess with us.’

If you think crime can only happen to the other guy you are wrong. The “other guy” is thinking the same thing and YOU are that “other guy”. There is a reason why they call it self defense. You have to protect yourself, your family, your home and business!!

Jack Krohn owns ‘Security Solutions’ and has written over 400 articles on self defense and home security.
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