Atlanta Residents Turn to Home Security

Due to the economic downturn since the housing crash many cities have seen an upturn in burglaries and petty theft. Most southern cities haven’t been hit as hard in the recent recession since there housing markets weren’t as over valued as states like California and New York. However southern states like Florida and Georgia have still seen a fair share of slow down in the housing sector which in turn has had a ripple effect on jobs and consequently raised the crime rate in many cities in these states.

Many people who previously did not see a need for a home security system are now seeing the value of creating as many barriers for petty theft and home break ins as possible. Today the security industry is seeing a growing group of new customers who are now concerned as they have been hearing stories about neighborhood break ins. This new customer base is bringing life to a security industry that has been struggling along side many other industries during the nations recession.

Many of these new customers have been spurred on by a heightened need that is now being felt to protect those things of value that have been accumulated over the years. This is not just seen in the home security sector but in the extremely fast growing industry of identity theft protection.

As crimes in these area’s continue to increase so is the awareness and preserved need to the customers for these services. Many households who never saw the need for home security ten years ago now will not leave their house without it being protected by a monitored alarm system.

Atlanta Georgia is a perfect example of this trend. It is a southern city with all the allure of southern hospitality and charm, where not to long ago most people weren’t even locking their doors. Today as theft continues to raise in conjunction with a lowering employment rate, those who have something to protect are now finding themselves having to have a new mindset and change from the old way of life.

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