How to Survive a Bar Fight

When you talk about the practical use of self defense techniques more times than not someone brings up what happen to them at the their local watering hole. Whether you’re just sitting minding your own business or in a passionate argument with someone else about the ramifications of sitting on someone’s favorite bar stool fights happen when the alcohol is poured. So what do you do when a quite evening with friends turns into mayhem? The answer might be simpler than you think, but there is always more than one option.

If you’re faced with the prospect of a fight in or near a bar the best way to survive it is to get the hell out of there. That’s right just get out of there with your friends and drive off or run off through the nearest exit. You don’t have anything to prove, and if you’re at a bar where fights happen regularly try somewhere else for a change you’ll be better off. If someone wants you to step outside let them go outside and let security handle it. If they can’t get back in they can’t fight, and if your really worried call the police (having a charged cell phone with good reception is also important). So the next time you see a bunch of guys come into a bar and you have a bad feeling about them finish up pay your tab and continue your fun at the diner.

The exits are blocked, the place is too crowded, or the guy simply won’t leave you alone and starts following you out. You can’t escape and security isn’t close enough to help, so you have to fight but you need to make every shot count in a crowded bar setting. Front kicks, elbows, knees to the groin and other close combat techniques that work in a tight space are what you use to drive them back so you can escape or fight on until their no longer able to fight back. If a weapon is pulled out and you unarmed it doesn’t mean you can’t fight back. Barstools, pool cues, and of coarse there are always bottles, and with some self defense training you can be even more effective when you use them.

When you’re out having a good time it is easy to be caught off guard, and fights can start even or the most minor things. You glanced at someone’s girlfriend as they walked pasted you or maybe you brushed up against someone while getting drinks it doesn’t really matter. Just be aware of your surroundings, and listen to your instincts, because chances are when you feel you should go home is when you should go home. Also go out with friends and go to a place where you know you can trust the staff and have a good time. You don’t go out looking for fights, so learn how to avoid and deal with the people how are looking to cause trouble.

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