Basic Home Security Advise For Homeowners

The safety and well being of your family is the number one priority. The following home security tips can help make your house a safer environment. These basic safety measures are inexpensive and fairly easy to install.

There are three areas that are addressed in the recommended security measures. The first two deal with entries into your house via doors and windows. The third tip involves protecting the exterior in your yard.

Locks on sliding windows can easily be jimmied to allow access into the room. A simple and inexpensive solution is to use wooden dowels as braces. One of the bonuses to using a dowel is it allows you to leave your window open a couple of inches for fresh air. Measure the window frame to get the correct size for each window in every room. When taking the measurements be sure to consider whether it is a window that you would like to leave open a bit of fresh air.

You can find dowels at your local hardware store and have them cut to your specific measurements. With the dowel in place the window can not be slid open from the outside. In case of emergency where access is needed to exit the room from the window the dowel can easily be removed.

The other option to consider for windows are window slide locks. They can be attached to the frame of the window and positioned to allow the window to be open a few inches for fresh air the same as wooden dowels. They are easy to remove in case of emergency exit as well. Slide locks can be purchased at most hardware stores and are easy to install.

Exterior door locks should be deadbolts for maximum security. Deadbolts are easy to install and offer more protection than push button locks or turn lock knob sets. Deadbolts penetrate into the frame of the wall about one inch, which makes them harder to pick.

Burglars typically look for easy targets. They will look for easy to pick door locks and windows that easy to open to gain access into your house. Taking the above measures will deter most thief’s from attempting to enter your dwelling.

The third precaution you can take is to install motion detection lights on the exterior of your home. If someone were to come up to your home to inspect whether it is vulnerable to easy access the lights will trigger on and scare off any would be intruders. The last thing a burglar wants is to be in a spotlight.

Protecting your house and family is important. These safety steps are very basic and should be followed by every homeowner. The last thing you want is to come home from a hard days work to find someone has entered your house and stolen your property. Worse than that would be to wake up to discover a prowler is in your home. For added protection you may want to consider adding a burglar alarm system to your home.

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