Texas Home Security Systems – 3 Three Things That Work In Your Favor

Make no mistake, statistics show that when the economy is troubled, the nations crime rate rises and Texas is no exception. Everyone is experiencing harder financial times and everyone is touched by it in some way. FBI Crime Statistics for the State of Texas reported in 2009 there were 995,145 property crimes in the state of Texas, along with 121,668 instances of violent crimes. Texas crimes continue to rise every year and will most likely continue in the future. Texas home security systems are an excellent way to ensure you are not part of the next set of statistics.

Fortunately something that has also advanced with the crime rate is the technology of home security systems in Texas. What was a simple system of window and door trip triggers that were connected to an alarm have grown into intricate security systems that can monitor your whole home 24/7.

Protecting loved ones is one of the top reasons why people consider putting security systems in their home. The following are things that are important in any security system whether you do it yourself or have a system installed. These basic elements are the essentials that you need to include in your security plan and it is up to you how much more elaborate you want your system to be.


The time it takes a burglar to break in decreases the chance of a successful invasion. Getting in and out quickly is essential to criminals. Making it harder to do this should be a key element in Texas home security systems. Proper locks on doors and windows can help in this area. Some people like to open the windows but don’t understand that it provides an open invitation to criminals casing your area.

Windows are the most vulnerable part of your home. Even with proper locks, an intruder can break the glass. A glass-break sensor is tied to an alarm when unusual stress is placed on the glass or the glass is broken. Fences or gates provide another time increasing task for intruders. A fences or gates need to be climbed and would be an optimum place to have monitoring cameras as well.


Nothing is more of a deterrent to an intruder than being seen and being able to be watched or recognized. Appropriate landscaping, along with motion activated lighting and cameras both inside and out create a environment most criminals will tend to avoid.


Once a intruder enters the property, any noise is a strong deterrent and will most likely cause the intruder to leave the scene quickly. Home security alarms and dogs are most effective at this. Loud dogs are less controllable by intruders and just not worth dealing with. A home security system can alert the home owners or the monitoring station which in turn, will send the proper authorities.

While there are plenty of things that you can do on your own to add to the security of your home, a big advantage of good texas home security systems means you will have continuous security whether you are at home or away.

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