Home Security Tips – How To Make Your Home Unappealing To Thieves

These days everybody is anxious about the security of their homes and justly so! According to official American government statistics, the number of house burglaries has risen by nearly ten percent in the last five years to about fourteen million per annum.

That is a lot of homes. I was burgled ten years ago and I have studied and done my best to never be one of those statistics again. In this piece, I will pass on some of my home security tips on how to make your home unappealing to burglars.

The first thing to think about is whether you have anything in your garden, shed or garage that will help a thief get into your house. Things like ladders, crow-bars, screwdrivers, sledge hammers. If you do, then lock them away. Keep the shed and garage doors locked at all times. If you have a ladder that will not fit in the shed or garage, chain and padlock it to a brick wall, so that nobody can use it to get in.

Never believe that your home is less at risk just because you or someone else is inside it. Some thieves are crazy and it is easier to ask someone where the money is than to try to find it yourself. It is easier to demand the keys to the safe than to break the lock. I know. burglars came into my house while I was at work. They saw my safe, but could not get into it, so they came back three nights later when I was at home. It was truly not pleasant.

Do not put a spare front or back door key under the mat, a flower vase or near-by rock. Thieves expect people to do that and it is the first place they look. If you are thinking about leaving a key with a neighbour, pick your neighbour carefully. In fact select the family well. Does the family have teenage kids? If so, could their friends learn that that ‘spare key’ is to your home? Do you trust all the friends of that children? Do you even know them?

Beware of people you do not know. I do not mean be fearful, but someone asking to make an urgent call because of a ‘breakdown’, could be casing your house or sizing you up. If you want to help, make the call for them or direct them to the nearest public telephone booth or a shop.

Keep all your doors and windows locked. If reasonable locked shut, when you are away from the house, but you can get window-stay locks so that you can lock a fanlight window ajar a few inches too. This is very helpful in the summer or if you have animals. Lock upstairs windows too – your neighbour may have a loose ladder that a thief can use.

Do not flaunt your valuables unnecessarily. Video recorders, DVD players and even the TV can be put in cabinets. Jewellery should be put in a box or a safe. Cash the same. Your house is a home, not a presentation case to would be criminals.

My last home security tip to make your home unappealing to thieves is to stay alert and to warn your neighbours of any slip-ups they are making too. If you can elevate the general awareness of crime in the people around you, everyone will be a lot safer.

Owen Jones, the author of this piece, writes on many topics, but is currently involved with wired home security systems. If you are interested in Security Systems For Home Use, please click through to our site.
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