A Parent’s Best Friend Might Be An Alarm Security System

When it comes to preventing accidents at home a parent’s best friend might be an alarm security system. It seems that it might require a logical leap to see the connection between child safety and a security system. It is actually a very small step. Companies that manufacture security system components are trying to help parents solve the problem of keeping children safe at home. They are creating more and smarter devices to help parents promote safety at home. The new devices are often part of a complete alarm security system.

The most recent data from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (part of the Centers for Disease Control) indicate that in 2006 nearly 12 million children died in the U.S. Almost 2.5 million of those deaths resulted from unintentional injury to children. The majority of those child deaths might have been prevented with new alarms as part of an alarm security system.

Accidental drowning of children ages 1-4 resulted in more than 111,000 deaths in 2006, and the vast majority of these fatalities occurred in back yard swimming pools. More than 650,000 children died from accidental poisoning in 2006. The saddest truth in all of these statistics is that many of these children might still be alive if the right alarm security system had been installed in their homes.

Most parents do everything in their power to protect their children from harm. They listen to the instructions and carefully put medications in medicine cabinets. They put other things that would be harmful out of the reach of children. They install childproof latches on cabinet doors and special devices on doorknobs. Unfortunately, all too often this is not enough. Children are curious about their environment. They love to explore. Once they walk and climb, they seem to quickly find a way to go anywhere they want. Accidents are bound to happen. But with an alarm security system, parents can prevent some of the worst accidents.

The first person in most households to figure out how to use and bypass child proof devices is usually a child. Professionals also tell parents they will be safe if they just put things out of the reach of children. But when children start exploring their environment and climbing, there are very few places that are truly out of reach for them. The sad part of this is that conscientious parents who believe they are doing all of the right things will be taken by surprise when their child is injured. An alarm security system can completely change the picture.

Everyone has heard the chime of a security circuit or switch being activated when the system is turned off. The sound is enough to get your attention. With these alerts and full siren alarms, door switches, gate switches, pressure sensors in the flooring and motion sensors can warn you if a child is about to enter the area where there is a pool. Combined with the ear-splitting water movement alarms placed on the side of a pool (activated if the water level moves because someone is in the water), parents can be assured of enough warning to prevent disaster. All of this is possible with an alarm security system.

Similarly, instead of installing child proof latches on medicine cabinets, storage areas for cleaning substances or other dangerous areas for young children, parents can purchase and install an inexpensive alarm for these cabinet doors or drawers. These alarm security system devices actually give parents time to react and prevent harm to their children.

Security alarm devices designed for other specialized purposes can also be creatively used to keep children safe at home. In addition to many devices originally designed for the elderly, there are controls and devices designed to assist people with disabilities that can be appropriated to protect children. Even devices used to prevent theft could be used in conjunction with an alarm security system to help children learn that there is danger in certain places and activities.

New devices are being developed regularly. It is increasingly easy with an alarm security system to protect your children from harm and from many unintentional injuries that could result in death. Your local security professional can help you identify and customize the devices that can help you keep your children safe even at home and in their own yard with an alarm security system configured for your needs.

About the author: Todd Cavanaugh is a ten-year alarm system business owner. His company installs home and business monitored security systems, 24-hour camera surveillance systems, access control systems and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Visit his business web site for his recommendations on how to choose an alarm security system .
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