My Review Of The Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security System

Some may think that security camera systems are simply for the rich whose houses are filled with expensive belongings and various rare paintings. While this may be true for some individuals, it’s important to note that they’re integral to the protection of our families as well. Providing additional coverage on top of locks and alarm systems, cameras allow for the recording of the crime while it’s happening and archiving for later viewing. It helps to make your home a safer place. However, simply installing cameras for this use alone is shortsighted, as they have capabilities, and benefits far beyond that. They can be used for keeping an eye on a young child or an sick older relative. The Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security system is perfect in this sense, as it’s cheap in comparison to professional systems and the system can be expanded easily to meet your growing needs.

The Pros

The system is all about portability and expansion. You purchase a pack that contains a camera, receiver, power supply, software, three different mounts and a couple of cables. With this, you’re able to provide camera coverage for one room, watching it live or storing it for future use. Additional cameras can be purchased to extend the coverage to up to five additional rooms in the house, if necessary, and can also provide outdoor coverage as well. The outdoor cameras are completely weatherproof, providing coverage all year round. The easy mount adapters allow you to attach cameras to windows facing outwards or inwards, ceilings or just standing on a flat surface.

If there are no issues, you can aim for around 15 minutes of setup time ideally. It’s as simple as installing the software and plugging in the cameras and receiver. Furthermore, the software provides several decent features, such as the video time-line, which allows you see the recorded video feed for the selected time of day from one or all of the systems connected cameras. Also, it is possible to set up an alert system, which sends alerts to your email or mobile phone whenever motion is detected by a certain camera. It should be noted that this is only available for Microsoft Windows phones.


Some of the high-end features of the software may require a subscription to access, though considering this is really a basic starter kit $ 300 perhaps it may be worth it for some. Furthermore, the focus of the camera needs to be set automatically. Another consideration is that each camera is required to be within a certain distance of the receiver, otherwise signal issues begin to crop up and cause problems.

Another issue is that that the cameras must be within a certain distance of the receiver to function properly and they require manual focusing; there’s no auto-focus available. Additionally, they have a bright indicator light, which diminishes their ability to be hidden from intruders and light sleepers may find it annoying. On the other hand, if you want a visible crime deterrent, then the light serves this purpose very well.

Is It Worth It?

If you want a professional quality solution to protecting your family, then Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security System is not it. This is simply a basic starter kit made for keeping an eye on problem areas in your home, or possibly keeping tabs on your young child. It won’t win any awards for quality, but it does offer you way more security than 99.9 percent of your neighbors,and that makes it a must have .

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