Employ A Locksmith As A General Home Or Business Security Advisor

You are probably aware that a locksmith is skilled in the installation, maintenance and repair of locks. It is not so well known that locksmiths can use their wide training and expertise to operate as general security consultants. Whenever you employ one of these locksmiths as a general consultant you can ask him to conduct a full review of all security systems at your home or business premises. A locksmith can work well in this role, and he will usually have a wider and more general knowledge of security solutions than an installation specialist for a particular single solution such as CCTV or alarm systems. By choosing a trade association member you can have confidence in the ability and reliability of your locksmith.

Locksmiths are skilled in the techniques for fitting, maintaining and installing door and window locks on your home. You may also wish to employ one for other home or business security tasks such as installing a safe.

However many locksmiths are also general experts on all fields of security for your home, or your business. For example locksmiths will be able to fit alarm systems, CCTV systems, security bars and grilles, pin code access systems for communal areas etc. It is a good idea to call upon one of these expert locksmiths for a general review of your security arrangements.

Sometimes insurance policies may mandate or specify certain standards for door and window locks, especially for downstairs windows. Your locksmith’s security review will include reviewing that your locks meet insurance requirements: if not then he can install the necessary improvements which may be deadlocks, hinge bolts and door bolts, and window locks. Insurance policies may not be valid unless adequate locks are provided in the home.

Some operators in the security industry specialize in one particular solution such as CCTV, or burglar alarm systems. They may train their installers adequately for the job of fitting and maintaining those systems, but they will not have as much wide and general experience as a one of these locksmiths.

When you have your home or business security review from a professional locksmith you can expect that he is able to consider all possible security measures which might be appropriate in your circumstances. His knowledge of all systems from crime deterrent lighting to physical security through bars and grilles can lead to a very cost-effective solution tailored to your circumstances.

To ensure that you choose a reliable and well trained person it is recommended that you consider those who have qualified as members of relevant professional or trade associations. In the UK look out for Master Locksmiths’ Association (MLA) members. In the US look out for Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) members.

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