Benefits of a Wireless Security System

From the earliest security system of placing something heavy against a door to keep out intruders to the latest state-of-the-art wireless security system, technology has enabled us to keep families safer. Centuries ago people devised ways to block doors and windows to prevent intrusion. They later developed better and better locks, stronger doors, better windows. And, for the last century, there have been security systems to protect homes.

An early home security industry began by adapting and customizing commercial systems for large homes. These early systems were very expensive, a possibility only for the wealthy. Early alarms made noise – often a lot of noise. The goal was to attract attention and, possibly, frighten away the burglar. Some systems included cameras linked with closed-circuit television that could be monitored somewhere within the home. There was still much work before the wireless security system could become a reality.

Over time and as the popularity of home security grew, the cost of the equipment became more affordable. When a homeowner purchased an alarm system, sensors were installed and wired to a central control panel. Wires were run through the walls. Early on, the best the average homeowner could afford was a system attached to a siren placed in the attic or crawl space. When the system was triggered, a very loud siren alerted the homeowner and the neighbors. The hope was that someone would call the police. There was still work to be done to produce a wireless security system.

Technology made the devices more affordable and led more and more people to install security systems in homes and offices. Security companies made money selling and installing the security equipment. Soon, the industry recognized the possibility of generating ongoing revenue in addition to the one-time installation fees. By providing monitoring services, it was possible to create regular and recurrent income. This service was initially provided with an additional telephone line. But it was not long until wireless monitoring services began to operate using radio waves. It was now only a small step to the development of a wireless security system.

It was then a small step to adapt new wireless communication technology and create the wireless security system for the average home. Not only did wireless installation eliminate most of the mess of traditional installation, it made it possible to position sensors where they were needed most instead of where it made sense to run wires. The wireless security system also opened the door to new innovations in the use of the technology to protect and to provide assurance of safety. Once freed of wires, security systems could become more flexible, more customizable, and meet the exact needs of each homeowner.

Among the new applications made possible with the wireless security system are these:

– Soundless burglar alarms

– A device like a baby cam can be monitored on your laptop or phone anywhere

– Ability to speak from anywhere in a room and be heard through the intercom

– Remote control of appliances, sensors and alarms

– Emergency signal devices can be monitored from anywhere in the home

– High and low temperature sensors and alerts

– New types of monitors and sensors can give people with special needs the freedom they desire and the safety you want for them

– Installation is quick, easy enough to do it yourself, and makes little, if any, mess

– The ugly wires around the baseboard and under the carpet are gone

– Communication with company hub or emergency services by radio signal

– Panic alerts can be sent from mobile devices instead of the control panel

– System cannot be deactivated by cutting a wire or a power outage

– Remote monitoring of emergency needs

From the bulky device on the front door connected to a loud siren to the amazing capabilities of today’s wireless security system, home security has made great progress in recent years. Today home security is affordable, quick and easy to install, comprehensive and customizable to meet the needs of each family. The wireless security system truly offers an array of safety and security devices and monitoring options that can meet any family’s needs. These systems bring greater comfort and peace of mind than ever before.

Todd Cavanaugh is a 10-year security system specialist. Protech Security Systems installs home and business monitored security systems, 24-hour camera surveillance systems, access control systems and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. See his business web site for his recommendations on how to choose a wireless security system .
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